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by Dad
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Palo is my favorite restaurant anywhere. Did you hear that. Palo is my favorite restaurant in the WHOLE WORLD! So check out Dad’s Review of Palo Brunch.

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About Palo


Dad and Mrs. Mom arrive at Palo for brunch

The first view of Palo – Photo by Dad


Palo is a specialty restaurant on all of the Disney Cruise ships. It serves Italian food. Very good, very high end Italian food.


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Palo serves a brunch and dinner. Dinner is served every night of the cruise and brunch is served on sea days. As a specialty restaurant you have to pay extra to eat at Palo. It’s $30 per person. What a bargain.


You must have a reservation to eat at Palo. Reservations can be made before departure on when you arrive on the ship, but make reservations as soon as possible because Palo has been known to sell out regularly.


Palo Brunch


The Palo Brunch even has Caviar

Mrs. Mom even tried the caviar – Photo by Dad


Brunch at Palo is part buffet and part order from the menu. The buffet is nothing short of incredible. The layout differs from ship to ship, but basically there’s several “stations”. Usually there’s pastries, sea food, desserts, sea food, sushi, desserts and more seafood. Yes, I meant to repeat myself.


The menu is full of both breakfast and lunch items. You can get omelets, frittatas, waffles, Eggs Benedict along with pizza, pastas, chicken parmesan and even a steak. You can order as many items off the menu and make as many trips to the buffet as you want.


Dinner at Palo is a 4 course celebration of Italian food. It kicks off with some antipasti, an appetizer some fabulous entrees and the BEST. DESSERT. EVER!


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My Review of Palo Brunch


The Pastry area at Palo Brunch

The first thing on the buffet is pastries. Yummy! – Photo by Dad


I might have mentioned I kind of like Palo. So let me tell you about our experience at the Brunch we had on the Disney Magic at Palo Brunch.


We were on a 5 night cruise to nowhere, but that’s another story, and had a day at sea so we decided to try the brunch. On our first day we could make reservations I went on the DCL website and boom, the exact time I wanted was there and a reservation was made.


On Palo day we ate a very light breakfast because we wanted to be able to pack it in. Our time was 11:00. It was hard to wait. Since we were at sea that day there wasn’t a lot to do. I think I went down and watched Doctor Strange while Mrs. Mom took a nap.


Time came for us to get ready. We dressed up (Palo has a dress code), we like to dress up for good meals. So we did.


We headed up to Palo (which is on the top deck of the ship. When we arrived, we waited a few minutes and then were seated. Our server was quickly there. She gave us the rundown on how things worked and headed off to grab our drinks but told us to wait until she came back to give us a tour of the buffet. Yes, a personalized tour of the buffet.


The Tour


The iced tea at Palo has ice tea ice cubes

The tea has TEA ICE CUBES!!!! – Photo by Dad


In a flash she was back with our iced tea (complete with iced tea ice cubes) and off to the tour we went.


We went station to station with our server telling us about the food, talking about her favorites and letting us work up a big appetite.


Dad's favorite part of the buffet at Palo brunch

This was my favorite spot – Photo by Dad


After the tour she handed us a menu and left us alone to start grazing. And boy did we ever graze. I loaded up on shrimp, crab leg, scallops a pastry or two. The perfect appetizer. Mrs. Mom went after a couple of pastries. In a few minutes our server came back and we ordered from the menu. Mrs. Mom ordered the Frittata and I ordered the Chicken Parmesan or as they call it the parmesan crusted chicken breast.


Another trip to the buffet was in order as we waited for our menu items to arrive. Boy were we happy when the did. I have to say that the I haven’t been able to eat chicken parmesan anywhere without thinking about Palo since. It was yummy. A perfect juicy breast with a yummy crust with just a perfect amount of a scrumptious red sauce.


Another trip or two to the buffet then it was time for dessert. We weren’t going to order anything off the menu there were plenty of options on the buffet, but our server (who was fabulous by the way) talked us into the molten lava cake


Like I said earlier, Palo has the BEST. DESSERTS. EVER. (Which like a dummy, I was too busy eating to take a picture of.)

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Dad’s Bottom Line

The Palo buffet was incredible. The food was awesome. We ate for an hour and a half. We rolled out of there. Almost literally. Boy were we full, but very happy.


Have you ever been to the Palo buffet? What did you think? Leave a comment down below. Don’t forget to book your trip with Destinations to Travel today!



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