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Dad’s Review of The Polite Pig in Disney Springs

by Dad
(The Office)

The Secret Mission needs dinner


The sign above the door to the Polite Pig in Disney Springs

Yep, this is the right place – Photo by Brett Svenson


I was headed to Walt Disney World for the second leg of the “Secret Mission” to scout out the construction at Toy Story Land. A couple of weeks before I asked over in the Facebook group where I should eat dinner and the Polite Pig in Disney Springs was the choice.


Mmmm, barbecue, or as we call it in Oklahoma, BBQ. Sounded good, but a little scary.


So here is my review of the Polite Pig.


My Review


The menu for the Polite Pic in Disney Springs

The Menu – Photo by Dad


When it comes to barbecue I’m kind of a picky guy. I like southern barbecue. Here in Oklahoma, our barbecue is tangy, sweet sauce that’s not too spicy with perfectly rubbed meats that have been smoked typically in hickory or something like that.


Going to The Polite Pig and looking at what they offered, Maple-dijon glaze, Coffee-rub, Burbon-glaze, Polite rub, woah. I’m not so sure about this but I was committed. Even Mrs. Mom said “that just doesn’t look like anything you’re going to like.”


But, I said, “No, that’s what they picked. That’s where I’m going.”


Disney Springs was busy


The ordering area at the Polite Pig at Disney Springs was busy

A lot of people were looking at the menu board – Photo by Dad


When I got to Disney Springs, it was busy. It’s a Sunday night. It’s a busy time at Disney Springs. The Polite Pig was packed. I went in, there was a pretty good line at the ordering counter.


I couldn’t see a table inside or outside. I looked over at the bar. “Oh, hey, there’s the bar. Oh, hey, somebody’s getting up. Hey, there’s a couple of empty chairs there. Perhaps, I’ll just go sit at the bar. I saw people eating over there, so what does it matter? I’ll just go over and eat at the bar.”


I sat down at the bar. The server came up pretty quick. She asked me want I wanted, I said, “I want a ice tea and a menu.” I wanted her to know that I was going to eat. I was not here just to drink an ice tea and sit around for a while. I wanted an ice tea and a menu and she brought me the ice tea and the menu.


I was in the mood for chicken


Dad's Plate at the Polite Pig in Disney Springs

Here’s what my plate looked like – Photo by Dad


In a minute or two she came back and I ordered the rotisserie chicken with sweet corn. It sounded pretty good. I love rotisserie chicken. One of my favorite thing is to go over to Wolfgang Puck Express and get their rotisserie chicken because it’s just fabulous. I love it.


That’s one thing I thought I could eat. She took my order. So I ordered the rotisserie chicken. I kind of leaned back to relax, just started looking around knowing I had 15, 20 minutes to look around.


I took out my phone and started reading what I’ve missed over the last three or four hours in the airplane. All of a sudden, here comes my food. Five minutes and my food is here. It’s five minutes and the food is being delivered.


Wow, and everything was just like I ordered it. It had the chicken, it had the slaw, and this one really kind of scared me, a Jalapeño Cornbread muffin, and the ‘sweet corn’.


Here goes nothing. I started with the slaw because I knew that’s probably the least likely thing to offend me. In the south we like a very sweet soft slaw. This did not have that sweetness. It was good, but it was a little tart. it was okay. I could eat that.


Okay, next, I love corn on the cob or sweet corn. I think that sweet corn is something about an inch and a half around and six inches long. These are little bit ears. Baby ears. they were about 2 inches long and about as big around as a quarter. Mmmm.


If you’re going to say something is sweet corn, you don’t slather it with aioli or some kind of butter that’s sour. It was all right, but I was hoping a nice big ear of “sweet” corn and I didn’t get big or sweet.


SO now it was time for the chicken. I wanted to start with the dark meat because that’s usually the juicier and then you eat the breast. I eat the breast last. I took that first bite. I let it roll around on my tongue like a good food critic. It was okay. There was nothing wrong. It was hot, it was juicy. The spices aren’t exactly what I would like, but there was nothing at all wrong with it. I ate it. I ate it all. I ate even the white meat. I ate all of it.


I didn’t love it, but I did not like it either. I’d eat it again. If somebody twisted my arm and made me go the Polite Pig, I’d eat the same thing again. The food was good. It was decent. It didn’t match the spices that I like and that I’m used to, but it was quickly delivered. It was hot. It was what I ordered. I can’t say anything really bad about it. People seem to be really happy with the food and with what was going on at The Polite Pig.


Destinations to Travel


Dad’s Bottom Line

Dad gives the Polite Pig at Disney Springs 3 stars

Bottom line is I’d give The Polite Pig at Disney Springs three stars. It’s not the spices I like but there was nothing wrong with what I got. It was good. The service was good and the food was good. It’s just not what I like. That’s okay.


Have you ever eaten at the Polite Pig in Disney Springs? What did you think? Put it below in the comments.


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