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Yorkshire County Fish shop may be my favorite meal in Epcot. What? You heard me. I really like Yorkshire County. We stop there every trip. So check out my review of Yorkshire County Fish Shop.



The view of Yorkshire County Fish Shop

I love this place – Photo by Andy Sanchez


Yorkshire County Fish Shop is located in Epcot. It’s in the United Kingdom area, right before you cross the bridge that goes over into France. It’s right there at the bottom of the hill. It’s kind of on the left side if you’re going to towards France. If you’re coming, it’s on … Yeah, so it’s right there. It’s not hard to find because it sticks out.


Dad’s Yorkshire County Fish Shop page


They’ve got a little ordering area that sticks out, so you can see it, you can smell it. You can smell it as you’re walking by. It smells like fish, but not the bad fish. Not that stinky fish that you see around shorelines, but more like freshly-cooked, good fish. And that’s what it is. It is freshly-cooked, good fish.


Quick Service

Yorkshire County Fish Shop is a quick service restaurant. You walk up to the register, you order, you walk right up to the window, and they hand you your fish. It is fresh, it is hot. Sometimes hot enough, you can’t carry it. It’s really right out of the fryer, right onto your plate. Hot and fresh!


The Food


A fish and chips basket from Yorkshire County Fish Shop

Hot and fresh, fish and chips – Photo by Laurie Sapp


It serves fish and chips. It’s got battered fish and fries, the big thick chip fries that you think of when you think of fish and chips.


That’s all they serve. They got a dessert or two and some drinks, but that’s all you can order, fish and chips. There’s not any going up to the register and thinking, “Oh, what am I going to order?” You order fish and chips. The fish and chips are really good. We loved it. They’re always hot. They’re always fresh. The batter just … I just love the taste of the batter that they use for fish and chips.


About the only thing that’s wrong with it is there’s not enough crumbie. Mrs. Mom just loves a little crumbies that you get when you’re cooking things like that, fish and chips. Long John Silver’s has a little crumbies at the bottom. At Yorkshire County you don’t get those and that’s a little drawback, but that’s really, really minor. It is really, really good.



When we go, I’ll grab my ketchup. I put ketchup on my fish and fries. Mrs. Mom puts malt vinegar on hers. There’s also a tarter sauce you can add. Pretty plain, but for fish and chips that’s all you need.


We end up eating at Yorkshire County Fish Shop at least once per trip. It’s just a favorite place to eat in Epcot.


The only real problem we have with it, is there’s just not enough tables. There’s so many people eating that all the tables get filled.


There are a few seating places. As your facing the restaurant from the street, there’s a seating area to the right. If you go down the path further you’ll see a few tables behind the restaurant or there’s a nice big area right on the lagoon that usually has a bench or two.


My assistant Stephanie tries to time her lunch for when the British Revolution is playing back on that stage behind the United Kingdom. She’ll grab her fish and chips and go sit down on the curb and eat hers during the show. I can’t sit down on curbs, so I’m looking for a table.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line is Yorkshire County Fish Shop is just fabulous. It’s good fish. It’s good fries. It’s just a really, really good, inexpensive for a Disney meal.


Dad gives Yorkshire County Fish Shop 5 stars

I give it a 5 on my Disney Dish Scale. I LOVE Yorkshire County Fish Shop.


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Mar 05, 2018 Fish
by: Danoel Hi Dad! I fully agree with you! The fish and chips is very good. But we find that the portions are not very large… We always stop by for lunch when at Epcot!

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