Dad's Ride Rating System

Dad's Ride Rating System

by Tim
(Windsor, CA)


"Can you explain Dad's rating system for the rides?"

What Tim is talking about is, on every ride page in Dad's Guide, I have a little table that shows a rating system for the rides.

Dad's Ride Information Table from Buzz Lightyear

That's the one from Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin. I chose the Buzz Lightyear page, because I love Buzz Lightyear. If you scroll down, you'll see pictures, you'll see great information, you'll see history, and then you find dad's ride information table.

Dad's Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin page

Here on Dad's ride information table, I've got ratings. You can see toddlers, pre-teens, teens, adults, and grandparents, and number associated to that.

Tim is asking, "What do those numbers mean?" The rating system goes from zero to five, zero being the worst, five being the best. Here you go. Five is, it's great, you've got to ride it. Four is, you'll love it, it's good, it's for you. Three is, I think you'll like it a lot, you maybe will get to the point where you take it or leave it. Two is for sure, take it or leave it. One is, probably not for you. And zero is, no how, no way is this for you.

There you go, zero to five.

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Dad's Bottom Line

Dad's Bottom Line is, Dad's ride system is zero to five, and zero is the worst, five is the best. Zero's not for you, five is you got to do it. Tim, I hope that answers your question.



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