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Disney World – Fastpass vs. standing in line

Dad’s sure fire, works every time it’s done correctly, strategy for riding Tower of Terror and Rock-n-Roller Coaster.

Tower of Terror.jpgThe Rock-N-Roller Coaster is my favorite ride at Disney World. I don’t know why. I’m not much of a roller coaster rider. I got sick on the Hulk at Universal and swore off fast roller coasters years ago. But, I just love the Rock-N-Roller Coaster.

Mrs. Mom loves the Hollywood Tower of Terror. For me it’s just OK, but she loves it. Mrs. Mom on the other hand doesn’t ride Rock-N-Roller Coaster which works out pretty well for Dad’s sure fire, works every time strategy.

We’ve done this for years and it works every time…

As soon as the park opens (oh, by the way, it only works when the park first opens), Dad, The Princess and The Man-Child high-tail it over to Rock-N-Roller Coaster, leaving Mrs. Mom in the dust. Mrs. Mom grabs Fastpasses for Tower of Terror.

The three Musketeers scream their way through RNR while Mrs. Mom casually reads her book waiting patiently for us to return. Usually, if we move fast enough (Dad’s slowed down in his advanced years) we only have to wait about 10-15 minutes for RNR.

As soon as we come out of RNR we find Mrs. Mom and check our Fastpass times. Usually they’re about an hour away. What we’ve found is the line for TOT by now is usually about 30-45 minutes. So we get in the regular line and ride. When we come off, it’s time for our Fastpass and we ride again.

What a thing of beauty.

If we don’t want to ride again, we’ll just walk over to the Fastpass machine and hand the Fastpasses to someone in line.

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