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Dad’s search for the #PurpleWall

OK, so Dad’s not always real hip. I try to be, but sometimes I miss the latest trends. For example geocaching and hashtagging. I’m pretty technically adept, but this I don’t get.

DisneyBounding is another of the latest fads the kids are doing that I’m not into. Yes, I’m an old fuddy duddy, kind of like my dad was 30 (or is that 40?) years ago.

So when there was an uproar about Disney painting the walls in Tomorrowland I thought, WHAT? What are they talking about? What’s the problem with painting a wall? Purple wall? Never heard of it. Why on earth would I want my picture taken in front of a purple wall?

The Big Deal with the #PurpleWall

Dapper Day at the Purple Wall

Here’s Dad’s friend Karyn and her family doing Dapper Day at the Purple Wall (Dad doesn’t get Dapper Day either) – Photo by Karyn Locke

Whenever one of these newfangled trends comes up, I check in with my newfangled trendy assistants to see what they are talking about and sure enough, the purple wall is a BIG thing. Our should I say #PurpleWall? Instagram and Snapchat are full of pictures of people posing in front of THE Purple Wall!

(My trendy assistants tell me the purple wall is apparently a great color for any complexion and is in a spot with great light for any selfie. If you care about those things…)

So the new paint job had a cool new EPCOT-ish look. OK, that looks cool, but I still don’t know what the big deal is.

Purple Wall and Millennial Pink

Dad’s friend Serena is posing at the Purple Wall with a Millennial Pink shake… where does Disney come up with this stuff? – Photo by Serena Lyn

On my last trip to Disney World I had some extra time in the morning and thought I would search out THE Purple Wall. If it’s such a big thing maybe I better get my picture made in front of it. (Actually, Stephanie and Tatjana, my assistants, badgered me into it.)

My hunt for THE Purple Wall started early in the morning. The first thing I arrived at Magic Kingdom was head over to Tomorrowland and I headed right for the Tomorrowland Transit Authority People Mover. Since Tomorrowland Transit Authority circles all of Tomorrowland maybe I could find this wall and get a picture and get the girls off my back.

Dad’s Tomorrowland Transit Authority page

I just happened to be livestreaming on Facebook at the time. It was a nice morning to ride Tomorrowland Transit Authority. Just me all by myself. It was cool.

I forgot to look. What? I was going to look for the wall, but got distracted by the videoing. Oops.

About three quarters of the way through the ride, I saw the EPCOT-ish purple looking paint and even commented about how on earth was I supposed to get a picture 30 feet up in the air. (This should have been a hint about the location, but my mind was elsewhere.)

I got off the ride and went in search of a bathroom. (Bet you thought I was going to say THE Purple Wall.)

Dad Searches for THE Purple Wall

Purple Wall Selfie

Dad’s assistant Stephanie must be living in Fantasyland if she thinks Dad cares about the Purple Wall – Photo by Stephanie Shuster

Yes, I needed the bathroom, but also thought The Purple Wall was somewhere by the bathrooms over by Space Mountain. I knew I had seen a purple wall there sometime in the past.

I came out of the bathroom and started looking around. First I came across a white wall with at tinge of purple. I sent Stephanie and Tatjana a picture and asked is this it?

They said no. On with the search.

Oh, look on the other side of the entrance to the bathroom is a purple wall. That will work. So I took another picture. It was a purple wall, but not THE Purple Wall because it didn’t have the EPCOT-ish design.

Oh, yeah the Epco-tish design. Where did I see that? I’d love to say I remembered and went directly to the EPCOTish design purple wall, but I didn’t. I had to send a message to the girls asking where on earth that silly purple wall was?

The Purple Wall

Dad FOUND THE PURPLE WALL!!! – Photo by Carl Trent

They told me. I found it. Mission accomplished. Dad and THE Purple Wall.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

I’m not sure all of the latest greatest trends are for Dad. But anything to keep the girls happy.

Comments for

Sep 08, 2018 So where is it?
by: Anonymous

So where is it???

Dad Answers

It’s in Tomorrowland on the path from Tomorrowland Terrace into the land.

Jun 11, 2018 Congrats Dad!
by: Anonymous

LOL Glad you found THE purple wall! When we arrive at the MK early before they let everyone through, that is where we wait for the ropes to drop…you meet some very nice cast members there then too!

Jun 08, 2018 Purple Wall
by: Joe Wagner

Dear Dad,

Shame on you for not knowing about the Purple Wall.
Yes, it is an in thing and has been for years and as publisher of a Magazine on Walt Disney World, you should have known this. (by the way I do love the magazine)

Next, I’m also shocked that you aren’t aware of Dapper Day.
You need to get with it.

Dad Answers

Sometimes I exaggerate.

I have known about Dapper Day since it started. It’s just not my thing. We post about it every year.

But a Purple Wall? So what?

Jun 08, 2018 Way to go, Dad!
by: Lindsay Rhoderick

I’m proud of you, Dad! 🙂 And the #purplewall does look great with your complexion.

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