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Dad’s Top Picks: Sweet Treats at the Magic Kingdom

by Dad
(The Office)


This week I want to talk about my top three sweet treats in the Magic Kingdom. It’s kind of funny. I talk about all these desserts and sweets that I like, but I really don’t like a wide range of them. I kind of have a kind of set schedule of desserts and sweets that I like. So what are my top three sweets in the Magic Kingdom?

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Number one, anybody know? Can you guess? Come on, guess, guess, guess.

A Dole Whip is Dad's favorite Sweet Treat at the Magic Kingdom

One of the 5 Dole Whips we had on our trip last week

That’s right, Dole Whip. Dad loves Dole Whips. And it’s kind of weird. Kind of interesting. I wasn’t a big Dole Whip fan until a few years ago when Mrs. Mom and I went over to Hawaii. We went to the Dole Whip plantation. And that was really the first time I got a taste of the Dole Whip, their pineapple ice cream, whatever it’s called.

It’s the first time I kind of got a taste of the Dole Whip. So next time we went to Disney World, I had to try Dole Whip. And that meant standing in line for an hour. Yeah, I stood in line for over an hour to get a Dole Whip. And then I was hooked. From then on, every time we go, we’ve gotten a Dole Whip.

And you can even mobile order Dole Whips now. We gave mobile ordering a try last week on our trip at Aloha Isle and it was great. The lines were about 7 or 8 people deep. We sat down, ordered our Dole Whip and 3 minutes later got a message it was ready. I went and picked it up and yummy!


Oh, and did you know a Dole Whip a day keeps the doctor away. We tried that last week on our trip and it worked like a champ.

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Dad eating a Mickey Bar, one of his favorite sweet treats in the Magic Kingdom

Hey, a Mickey Bar with ears

All right, so the number two sweet treat in the Magic Kingdom is a Mickey Bar. Everybody loves Mickey Bars, right? A couple of years ago there was a picture of a Mickey Bar came up. It was the full picture of the Mickey Bar and I kind of made a comment that, “They have two ears? Mickey Bars have two ears? Really?”

You know, I get a Mickey Bar, I rip it open, I start eating that ear right off cause I don’t know if it’s left or right ear I start with, but I just grab an ear and I go for it. I could eat too many of those. It is my second favorite sweet treat at the Magic Kingdom.

The cupcakes at Be Our Guest are INCREDIBLE!

Look at those cupcakes, they were scrumptious!

So, number three. Now this one is kind of one that has just kind of come up recently. Four or five years ago, 3, 4, or 5 years ago, Disney started getting into cupcakes. Before Be Our Guest opened, cupcakes weren’t nearly as big a deal. Once Be Our Guest opened, it seems like cupcakes were everywhere at the Magic … not just at the Magic Kingdom but all over Disney World. That has kind of become the go-to dessert at Walt Disney World, and that’s the cupcakes.

And I think the cupcake is just pretty much kind of the perfect size of dessert, treat, whatever you want to call it. It’s just a nice size. It’s not too much, it’s not too little.

As you can see from the picture above we tried a few cupcakes at Be Our Guest last week. I have to say, they were all INCREDIBLE, but the best had to be the chocolate. It may have been the best thing we ate all week.

Super Yummy!

Dad’s Bottom Line

So those are my top three sweet treats at the Magic Kingdom. Number one, the Dole Whip. Number two, the Mickey Bar. And number three, a cupcake.

What are your favorite sweet treats at the Magic Kingdom? Put them down in the comments.I’d love to hear what you think about sweet treats at the Magic Kingdom.


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