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DAS or ECV (Scooter) at Walt Disney World

by Kelly

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We are investigating our maiden voyage to Disney. I’ve been trying to read about the DAS, but also wondering if it would be beneficial for my husband to get a scooter. I want to enjoy this trip, but I don’t think I can handle hours long lines. Will renting a scooter help get hubby through lines any faster? There will be 4 in our party. Me (anxiety), hubby (bad feet), 13 year old daughter and mother-in-law.

The ECV or scooter rental area at EPCOT

Rent your scooters here – Photo by Cliff Wang

Hey Kelly, congratulations. YOU’RE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!!!

We’ve talked about the Disability Access Service Card before. I’m sure you’ve got a pretty good handle on that. Let’s talk about the renting a scooter thing.

Dad’s Using the DAS page

I had a hip replacement last summer that left me not able to stand on my feet for very long or walk a long way. So for the last couple of trips we’ve been renting me a scooter or as Disney calls them an Electric Convenience Vehicle (ECV).

We rent ECV’s in the parks because I don’t want to be tied to loading and unloading them on Disney transportation. It’s possible, but me, I like to have my car at WDW and there’s no way to load a scooter in a rental car.

You don’t get any special consideration for riding a scooter. You used to, but not since the DAS started. You’re not going to go to the front of the line but almost every ride allows you to ride the scooter right up to the loading area. It’s also great to have that basket for stuffing the backpack or things in.

We even use the EVC to help shield Mrs. Mom from the crowds. She’ll walk at the edge of the walkway and I’ll ride outside of her blocking the crowds from her. (Which could help with your anxiety.)

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

– I hate it that I can’t walk around WDW any more, but renting a scooter allows me to still experience everything. I think your husband will really benefit from a scooter.

You won’t get to the front of the line but it will make going through the lines easier and more comfortable.

Do you have any experience with an ECV or the DAS. Tell us about it below in the comments. Thanks!


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Feb 17, 2018 It depends
by: Daniel

Hi Dad! Thanks for the great work!
My wife always rents a scooter at WDW. We never rent directly from Disney because it’s to expensive (50$ a day). There are a multitude of companies in Orlando that rent scooters for about 15$ a day and they will deliver to your hotel room, free of charge, including to your Disney resort. We’ve always had great service. Once our scooter was defective at one of the parks and they came right away to replace it… And, contrary to the Disney scooters you don’t have to leave it in the park at the end of the day.Cocerning the rides, you can sometimes go to the front of the line if it is not scooter accessible. For example, Splash Mountain…

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