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Day bed at the Polynesian Resort

Hi there..

We are planning to stay at the Polynesian. There are 5 of us, me and husband (one bed), my mother (another bed) and my 16 yr old son (6 feet tall and about 200 lbs) and my 8 year old.

Is the day bed at the Polynesian Resort suitable for any of the adults? (we are all over 250 lbs) or should we save it for the 8 year old? (he’s tiny). Thank you in advance for your help.

Dad’s Uncomfortable Answer

Thanks for the question.

The last time we stayed there our son took the day bed. He was 14, around 6 foot tall, and weighed around 170 pounds. He loved it. We thought he looked a little crowded, but then, his favorite sleeping area is the back seat of our Suburban.

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Me, I’m a Pooh sized adult, and I don’t think I would be very comfortable in that bed. It’s not a small bed, but it’s also not a very big bed. The other 2 beds are full queen sized.

If it were my Mother-in-law, I’d stick her in a sleeping bag on the floor where she belongs and let everyone else have the beds. (Just kidding, Mrs. Mom’s Mom.)

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