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December Crowds at Disney World how do they compare to summer


by Katie Smith
(United States)


Hello Dad!


I have a question about December Crowds at Disney World and how they compare to summer crowds.


I have been to Disney World several times in the summer as well as in the spring and I decided to plan a trip in December this year to celebrate Christmas. I am planning on going December 17-21 and I have read many many mixed reviews about what the crowds are like during this time. I looked over your crowd calendar but I was just wondering how specifically you could let me know about

what the crowds will be like during these dates.


I called Disney and asked them and they said that it was pretty light during these times because kids are not out of school yet and that it wouldn’t pick up until about the 22nd so I would be fine, but I would like outside opinions.


Would you say that it is more crowded during these specific dates than it is in June or July or is it about the same? Also, do you know approx. about what the weather will be like? Thanks!

Dad’s sometimes Disney doesn’t know best Answer




First let me say, you’ve come to the right place. Dad certainly knows December Crowds at Disney World. We’ve been to Disney World the week before Christmas more than any other time. It’s our favorite time to visit Walt Disney World.


The truth about mid-December at Disney World. You’ve read about horrible crowds at Disney World in the middle of December, so have I. But, I’ve also read posts the same days that say how small the crowds were at Disney World. Some people expect to have the parks to themselves and if they have to wait 5 minutes for Space Mountain then the crowds are out of control.


Disney probably goes the other way. No, crowds are not “light” until the 22nd. Yes, the aren’t nearly as big as the summer, or Christmas week, they will be moderate.

Dad’s December Disney World Crowds page


If you want day by day historical crowd estimates and predictions for each park check out They produce daily predictions on how big the crowds will be at each park.


About the weather, no I can’t give you any idea of what the weather will be like. We’ve been there when it’s 30 degrees, we’ve been there (yes, in December) when it’s 80 degrees, we’ve been there when it’s raining, we’ve been there when it’s absolutely beautiful.


Last time we were there, the first 2 days the high temperature was 42 degrees. The last day the low temperature was 65 degrees. Needless to say, you have to look at the forecasts when the time comes closer.


Dad’s Bottom Line


December Crowds at Disney World in the middle of the month are smaller than summer crowds, but they are bigger than the very slow months. It’s still the best time of the year to go.

Dad’s Christmas at Disney World page


Comments for December Crowds at Disney World how do they compare to summer

Oct 23, 2016 Planning a December trip
by: Rob Hi Dad,We have weekday annual passes for WDW. We are deciding which would be the best time to visit WDW in December.We’ve decided we can go one of the following three weeks. Wed Nov 30th after school – Friday Dec 2nd or Wed Dec 7th after school – Friday Dec 9th or Wed Dec 14th after school – Friday Dec 16th. Which one of those times will have the lowest crowds at MK and HS?We usually park hop too. We are both teachers and can only go on Wed after school and then take two days off. We have family discounts at Hampton so a resort is not needed. Just the best times to go to those two parks.


Dad’s Answer

Rob, I the week after Thanksgiving is almost always the slowest of those weeks so November 30 would be my choice.

Oct 26, 2012 thks
by: You are awesome I need your help soooo badly for my trip in Dec 2012 and your website has been AWESOME! God bless u! We do not have money to spare and ur advice is God sent!

Mar 31, 2011 Swimming
by: Kurt100 Dad, in our previous two trips (spring and summer) we always stayed at mod resorts to take advantage of the better pools with the kids and were very happy. Toying with the idea of a 1st-2nd week December trip to experience Christmas there, would you have a recommendation for a resort? (assuming we cant swim do to weather,,,)

Dad Answers

It depends …

If you want to save money Dad always recommends the Pop Century. Even 2 rooms is a good deal.

But, if you want to have a great Christmas experience in a beautiful relaxing atmosphere there are 2 resorts I’d recommend. First is the Wilderness Lodge. It’s a beautiful place. It has a huge (really huge) roaring fireplace in the lobby and just feels Christmasy to me.

The other, of course, is the Grand Floridian Resort. Yes, I love the Polynesian, but for Christmas decorations there is no better place. The Grand Floridian is special.

I’d skip the first week of December. That’s when the Pop Warner Football and Cheerleader Championships are and there won’t be any discounts or specials for that week.

Hope this helps.

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