December special offers

December special offers

by Troy

Hi. My family is looking into going to Disney World around the first week of December. Have you heard any rumors of any December special offers or discounts that Disney will be doing?


Dad's not a peep Answer


It's hard to believe, but Disney doesn't advertise their discounts in advance. All of us Disneyopiles sit around and try to dream up what's coming next, but we're just dreaming.

I can tell you that if Disney does have any discounts during the Christmas season, the first full week in December will be exempted. That's the week when the Pop Warner Football and Cheerleader Championships happen and Disney does not offer any discounts during that week.

Dad's Bottom Line

The bottom line is if you are planning a trip the first week of December you won't get a discount. If you are planning to go some other time in late November to mid-December, then maybe you'll get a discount. (But I don't think so.)

The best thing to do is make your reservations and let your Travel Agent (like Dad) keep an eye out for December special offers.

PS. On this one, I hope I'm wrong!

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