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December Visit and POP Warner did I choose wrong?

by Stacy

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“Hey there,

I have a trip booked for December 4-10th. Obviously, discounts won’t be a thing because of POP Warner, but I’m committed regardless. However, after watching your videos I’m a bit concerned about visiting during these dates. I know your calendar says moderate, but in your video of the best week to visit you seen to act like you avoid these dates at all costs! Yet, some other blog posts indicate that POP Warner isn’t TOO disruptive. Did I pick subpar dates?

We are staying at AoA and while it is a Value resort, it isn’t an All Stars. We are also hoping that since there is no transportation to the sports complex, it won’t be too bad.

This isn’t our first visit, but I still don’t want to be overwhelmed or miss out on anything we would like to do. Realistically, we are aiming to spend 5.5 days in the parks.”

Reading too much in

Entrance signs to the Art of Animation Resort

The Art of Animation is just cool – Photo by Rich Ramos

Hey Stacy, congratulations… YOU’RE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!!!

Yes, when I talk about the best weeks or best times to visit Disney I do exclude the week of Pop Warner. But it’s not because of the crowds.

Dad’s December Disney World Crowds page

I say this all the time, the Pop Warner Football and Cheerleader Championships don’t have a lot of affect on the crowds in the parks. What they do affect is the Value Resort rooms (they usually fill up very quickly) and the discounts for that week. That week will be exempted from most discounts.

You should be fine. The crowds will be moderate. In the evenings you might see a surge in the parks, but even that will be diluted now that Pandora and Toy Story Land will be open.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

The Bottom Line is yes, Pop Warner is a disruption, but not crowd wise. Its more about the Value Resorts and discounts.


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