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Decision 2 – Should Dad buy the Disney Dining Plan

Dad is in the process of making final decisions for the Palooza. Last week it was Disney’s Magical Express. This week it’s the Disney Dining Plan. Check it out.

Banana Bread Pudding with ice cream from 'Ohana

Will Dad be paying for his Banana Bread Pudding with the Disney Dining Plan – Photo by Ed Russell

For years, Dad has warned the the Disney Dining Plan might not be a good deal. Yes, I know, absolute sacrilege. Disney has so pushed the Dining Plan it seems that everyone just believes it a great deal. Dad’s not from Missouri, but I’ve visited there frequently, so I have to be shown that it makes sense. (You’re right, when it comes to my money, I don’t trust Disney.)

Dad’s Disney Dining Plan page

Let’s take the Palooza for an example …

Mrs. Mom and I have a total of 7 Table Service Meals and 5 Quick Service meals over a 4 night period. The problem with this is, it doesn’t fit real well into any of the Disney Dining Plan (DDP) options.

There are 3 options when it comes to the DDP. There is the Quick Service option that gives you 2 Quick Service Meal credits and one snack credit, per person, per night of your stay. The second is the base Dining Plan (called the Plus Plan). It has one Table Service Meal credit, one Quick Service Meal credit and one snack credit per day. Finally there is the Deluxe option that has three Table Service Meal credits plus two snack credits per day.

Wow that was boring. I hate the gory details.

First, we’ll throw out the Deluxe Plan. No way I’d ever pay for that one. (Dad’s a cheapscape.) That leaves the Quick Service and the Plus plan. 8 Quick Service credits doen’t really work either. We only have 5 quick service meals so that one’s out. That leaves the Plus plan.

For the next few days, we’ll look at our plan for the first week of the Palooza and see if the “Plus” plan makes sense.

Hey, Dad, why are you only talking about the first week of the Palooza? Won’t you be there 2 weeks?

You are correct. The Palooza is planned for 2 weeks, but the second week, Dad gets 2 meals per day provided by the convention. It doesn’t seem to make much sense to pay for the Dining Plan when Dad will only be eating one meal per day on it.

So, here’s what we’re going to do. Tomorrow we’ll look at the Table Service credits. Wednesday we’ll look at Quick Service credits, and Thursday we’ll look at snack credits. Friday we’ll wrap it all up and see if Dad and Mrs. Mom will for the first time in their lives order the Disney Dining Plan and maybe Dad has to eat a little crow (fat chance).

Now that sounds like fun.

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  1. I think the one thing I really enjoy as a parent is just having it all paid for when the family and I get to WDW. Having traveled to Disney a of different ways with and without packages, I really get to enjoy my vacation more knowing it is all paid for before I arrive. Our last vacation had to be on a extreme budget, it was stressful and not as enjoyable as a package with dining. Going back in 2014 and will be using a package with the quick service dining plan for just myself and my 10 year old son.

  2. Don’t do it dad! We always found ourselves in a, “well, we have to eat” situation with the dining plan and as a result, ate too much (in order to justify the expense). We also had several instances where we would have had dessert elsewhere (or not at all) but since it was included in the dining plan, we had the dessert at the restaurant.

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