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Did I really get a good deal??

by Joyce Baker


I thought I had a good deal, but now I’m starting to wonder. Let me tell you what I have and you can tell me if I really have a good deal or whether I could get a better deal for a Disney Vacation. I have booked (for 2 adults) Nov. 13th – 18th @ Pop Century for 5 nights and 6 days of tickets with the park hopper and dining for $1441.58.


I do trust you!


See the International Food and Wine Festival

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Dad’s looks like it Answer




Just looking at your numbers, it looks like you got a good deal. The good thing about Disney World Vacations is the price you pay should be the same no matter where you buy you package. Disney doesn’t allow discounting on packages and the same items should cost the same wherever you buy them.


But … since you booked a package in November, you didn’t get a discount. That’s not the problem, the problem comes if Disney offers a discount next month (they should). Unless you see it and call Disney and make a change, you will pay too much. Disney will not notify you of potential savings on your package.


This is why (yes, Dad is beginning to sound like a broken record, but it’s important) Dad was so excited about introducing Dreams Come True Vacations. Having a dedicated, professional, Walt Disney World knowledgeable Travel Agent can really go a long way to putting your mind at ease. It can save you money.

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I can’t think of a good reason not to use a Disney Travel Agent. I doesn’t cost anything. The good ones will help you with all of the details of your trip from making dining reservations to helping you design a daily plan.


But Dad, I like doing all of that myself. That’s fine. You still control your whole trip, but if there is a problem along the way, you’ve got an advocate to help (one that has a copy of records you might have misplaced or wouldn’t take with you on vacation).

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Dad’s Bottom Line


Joyce, you did get a good deal. But, you’ll need to watch and see if Disney puts out any new discounts for November. If they do, you’ll have to call and get them to change them. (Unless you let Amanda and her crew at Destinations to Travel take care of you.)


PS – You’ll be there for the last day of the International Food and Wine Festival. It ends on November 13.


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Comments for

Aug 22, 2011 You might want to check your package price again
by: Anonymous With current free “Quick Service” dining upgraded to “Dining” price was $1279.58.

Jul 21, 2011 Pixie and Pirates
by: Joyce I did send a form to Amanda and she sent me a form to send back to her. She is now in the process of getting it transfered to her. She said she would check out the discounts should any come out next month and see if it could be applied to my account. She e-mail right away and we spoke on the phone this morning. I am feeling so much better about my trip now. Thank you Dad and Amanda. And thank you very much Becky for your two cents. You were right, it is worth your time to contact Destinations to Travel.Thanks again you a’ll!

Jul 21, 2011 Using Destinations to Travel
by: Becky I am going to put in my 2 cents…..PLEASE use Destinations to Travel, and here is why.

I have already booked our vacation for October, I have gotten the best deal (off property) but was starting to really stress out about it. On Sunday when you announced your endorsement of Destinations to Travel I decided to contact them just to see if they could help get me a better deal….I explained my vacation plan and the employee discounts I have available (Sheraton employee & Coke employee discounts a PLENTY)and Laura informed me that at this time I have the best deal that I could get. Even though she will make NOTHING off of my trip, she continued to try to help and offer her help with some of the details.

We will be going back next year and I will let Laura from Destinations to Travel plan every detail for that trip because of her dedication to trying to help me with this one.

Good move Dad… and Joyce….CALL Destinations to Travel.

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