Dining Plan 2010 vs 2011

Dining Plan 2010 vs 2011

by Carleigh
(Savannah, GA)

Ok so, I will be going to Disney World with my friend on Dec 30th 2010 through January 4th, 2011. I am confused about the change over from the 2010 dining plan to the 2011 dining plan and am trying to make sure we use all of our meals (Deluxe plan). I know there are some restaurants on the 2010 plan that are not on the 2011 plan and would like to know since we will be arriving in 2010 does that mean we can use our meals at all of the restaurants listed on the 2010 plan even after the 1st? Or does the plan change over to the new 2011 plan on New Years day?

Dad's taking away the confusion Answer

First, the Disney Dining Plan is based on your date of arrival, so if you arrive before 1/1/11 (what a date) you will be on the 2010 Disney Dining plan.

Second, the only major change I see in the Dining Plan 2010 vs 2011 is that in March Le Cellier will change from one credit to two credits.

Third, about the RUMORS that several restaurants will be dropped from the dining plan. Those rumors are not true. They were based on a preliminary list of restaurants that came out in April 2010. Notice the word preliminary. Only 1 restaurant has ever withdrawn and that was Fulton's Crab House in Downtown Disney.

As of today, all the restaurants in the Disney Dining Plan for 2010 will be on it for 2011.

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