Dining Plan worth it?

Dining Plan worth it?

by Tom

I came across your website and you have been such a valuable resource. Thank you from a fellow Dad! We are heading to Disney in May - 3 adults (parents plus 1 kid over 10) and 1 child. I want your opinion if the dining plan is worth it based on the following reservations: Hoop de Do, Chef Mickey breakfast, Ohana breakfast and Akersus for dinner. Those 4 reservations take care of our sit down credits.. We will end up most likely using all the counter and snack credits.....
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Dad's I can help Answer


There was an old song titled "I can help". The words were something like (sing along with Dad if you know the song)
If you have a problem,
Don't care what it is,
If you need a hand,
I can assure you of this,
I can help

Dad sings so good!

I can help you figure out if the Disney Dining plan is worth it for your family. The first thing you need to do is to go to Dad's Disney Spreadsheet page and download the Standard Dining Plan spreadsheet. Click on the number of days your trip is on the bottom then fill out the information. The spreadsheet will tell you how you're going to work out.

If you need menus to look at the best place to see them is AllEarsNet. They have all the menus including prices.

This way, you can look at different options. Let me know if you need any more help.

PS. If you don't already have reservations, why not Let Dad help.

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