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Disability parking at the Magic Kingdom

by Katrina
(Central NC)

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“My mom and I are taking my nephews to Disney World the week between Christmas and New Year’s. Mom is 71 with limited mobility so we are renting an ECV outside of Disney for her. We chose to rent from an outside vendor because the parks will be at capacity and we don’t want to run the risk of an ECV not being available inside.

So we’ll be driving to the parks every morning with the ECV. We rented a house, so we’re not staying on Disney property. Here is the official blurb from Disney on disability parking that seems to fit our situation: “Guests with mobility disabilities—including those traveling with personal wheelchairs, electric scooters or other mobility devices—should park in our Disability Parking Lots, located a short distance from the main entrance to each of the 4 theme parks at Walt Disney World Resort. Courtesy trams do not stop at these locations.”

Do you know where the disability parking lot is located in the Magic Kingdom? I can’t find it on the park map or on a satellite image from Google Earth. I was able to find the disability lots for EPCOT and Hollywood Studios, but I’m stumped on the MK. All I see are the regular lots and the bus drop off locations. Can you give me a general location with landmarks? Please and thank you very much. :-)”

Yes I do


As someone who has recently had to start using disability parking, yes, I do know where the lot is.

First, Magic Kingdom parking is located at the Transportation and Ticket Center.

The handicapped lot is located just where the monorail bridge crosses the tram road. It’s about as close as possible to the Transportation and Ticket Center. Here’s a picture. The lot is circled in black.

A map showing the handicapped lot at the Transportation and Ticket Center

It’s still a little bit of a walk (or drive) to the security checkpoint, but not too bad. I know you have a scooter, but there are also complimentary wheelchairs available in the lot if you need them.

Be sure to not to forget your parking placard so you can get into the lot. I’ve done that. Not smart.

You’ll have to either ride the monorail or the ferry over to the Magic Kingdom, but that’s part of the charm.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Handicapped parking at the Magic Kingdom is pretty close, but it’s still a little walk. With a scooter it won’t be a problem.


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Comments for

Dec 04, 2018 Disability (medical) Parking
by: Jim Konnick

Katrina — Once you pass through the toll booth at the entrance of the parking lot (for any of the parks) look for and follow the solid BLUE line that is painted on the road. That painted line will lead you to the medical parking area that DAD circled on the picture he included in his reply.

Having made 2 trips to WDW that required my wife to use an ECV I cannot stress the importance of having your disability parking placard with you and displayed as you enter the parks. This helps the parking cast members direct you to the medical parking as well.

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