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Disabled Access Card and Ride Waits

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“My wife has limited mobility and this seems like the Disability Access Card would be a good way to go. Any experience with this for ride waits using the card?

I understand that this pass can be loaded to her Magic Band at Guest Service.”

The Disability Access Service Card will help

For anyone that faces problems coping with long lines or mobility problems, it’s a good idea to investigate Disney’s Disability Access Service Card or DAS for short.

The Disability Access Card Fact Sheet from Disney

The DAS allows special access that bypasses the the regular line at most attractions. It greatly minimizes wait times and standing in line. (Typically the FastPass+ Line>)

To use the DAS your wife will have to register at Guest Services once during your trip. She will be given a DAS card that will be good for the length of your stay which will be loaded onto her MagicBand or park access card. Up to 6 people in your traveling party can be registered along with your wife. All will have to be present when you register.

Each time you wish to ride a ride, present the card at the ride and you will be issued a return time. The card will only be allowed 1 return time at a time.

Complete the ride any time after the return time (any time until closing time of the ride/park) and proceed to the next ride and get a new return time.

The DAS holder, your wife, must be present for the return time to be used. Your traveling party can’t ride without your wife.

Add FastPass+

With DAS you can only have 1 return time at a time, but you can also access the FastPass+ system and have up to 3 FastPass reservations made in advance and more available after the first 3 are used.

Find out more about FastPass+ at…

Dad’s FastPass+ page

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Disney’s Disability Access Service program is very helpful to those in need of special consideration when it comes to standing in line for attractions. Combining it with FastPass+ will alleviate most of the standing in line that comes with being at a Disney Park. It will help!


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