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Disney All Star Movies Resort


The Disney All Star Movies Resort is a great reminder of some of the best movies of all times. There are movies from that we will remember from our childhoods no matter what are ages (especially now that Toy Story 3 has been released).



The All Star hotels are Disney Value Resorts and are the most affordable at Walt Disney World. What a great idea for a perfect vacation.

The All Star Movies Resort Buldings

Guest Rooms

Layout of standard room at the All Star Movies Resort
Layout of the king room of the All Star Movies Resort

The normal rooms at the all of the value resorts are pretty small. They measure 260 square feet, and there is not a lot of wasted space. You have choices of preferred or standard rooms (the difference is how close you are to the Classic Hall) and a king room or a double bed room.


Rooms come with a TV, dresser, table and two chairs. All the rooms have free Wi-Fi, a telephone and an alarm clock.

The Rooms

The rooms at the Disney All Star Movies Resort are standard hotel rooms. They measure 260 sq. feet. They are very functional, but there is not any wasted space. These rooms are the same size as the Pop Century rooms. They are reasonably comfortable for a family of 4.


The interiors of the rooms are painted to match the decor of the building. Tile colors, borders and wall colors will change depending on the building you are assigned.

Number of guests per room

Disney rules allow 4 guests per room. You can add 1 infant that can sleep in a crib. If you have more than 2 adults, Disney charges a $10.00 per night per adult fee. (4 adults would be an extra $20.00 per night.

Money Saving Tip: If your family has more than 4, or you just want some extra space, reserve 2 rooms. Disney only requires one adult per room. You can request connecting rooms, there are lots of connecting rooms.


Two rooms would give you 520 square feet which is more space than any other regular room at Disney World. PLUS you would have two bathrooms. (If you have any females in your party, two bathrooms will come in handy.)

What's in the room

The rooms at the Disney All Star Movies are equipped with everything most travelers need for a great vacation. There are 2 types of rooms available, Standard and Preferred. The only difference is the proximity to the Cinema Hall.

Below is a list of the furnishings in the rooms:

  • Two full size beds, or
  • One king size bed which can be requested at least 5 days before arrival
  • A 27-inch TV
  • One table (approximately 2 X 2) and 2 chairs.
  • 2 telephones
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • A nightstand between the full size beds.
  • An alarm clock
  • An armoire that has 6 drawers for storage
  • A keyed safe
  • Bathroom with a shower tub, or a walk in shower in the handicapped rooms
  • Refrigerators are now in all Disney Resorts

All Disney World resort rooms include some nice extras, Disney soap, shampoo, and hand lotion. Sometimes Mousekeeping even makes towel animals to amuse children.


Guest buildings are grouped together and themed by classic Disney movies. Each group of buildings has a different movie look. The movies are -

  • Mighty Ducks
  • Fantasia
  • Herbie, the Love Bug
  • One Hundred and One Dalmatians
  • Toy Story (the original)

Disney All Star Movies Resort

The Toy Story building at Disney's All Star Movies Resort

Photo by Loren Javier

The Cinema Hall

The Cinema Hall is the center of the world at the resort. It's where you will check in when you arrive, where you can get something to eat, drink and even a place to play video games.

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Like all the Value Resorts, the Disney All Star Movies Resort has a nice food court called World Premier. It's a good place to grab a bite to eat on your way to the parks in the mornings or a meal when you come back from the park.


The eating area is large with lots of tables, but because of the size of the resort, but it's probably not as big as is should be during busy periods and finding a table can be a chore.

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Pools and more

The All Star Movies Resort has two heated pools. A hockey rink themed pool is in the Mighty Ducks area. The Fantasia area has a pool where Sorcerer Mickey directs a liquid symphony including shooting water.


There is a kiddie area near the Fantasia pool.


Sorcerer Mickey directs the water at the
All Star Movies Fantasia Pool

Sorcerer Mickey directing the water at the All Star Movies Resort pool

Photo by Express Monorail


Getting around at Disney World, especially from the Value Resorts can sometimes be a hassle. Dad always recommends a car at Disney World. Disney provides Luxury Motor Coach (bus) service to all the parks, water parks and Disney Springs.

Map of the Resort

Here's the map of the All Star Movies Resort showing where each of the building are located. Notice Cinema Hall is in the middle.


Disney All Star Movies Resort hotel map

Click on the map to download a copy


The All Star Movies Resort is a little remote. It's not really close to any of the parks. The Animal Kingdom is the closest.


View All Star Resorts in a larger map

Address and Phone Number

Disney All Star Movies Resort
1991 W. Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
(407) 939-7000
(407) 939-7111 (fax)


The All Star Resorts are Disney Value Resorts. They are the most affordable of the Disney hotels. To find out the price for your trip let the Disney Vacation Planners at Destinations to Travel help. They have years of experience planning Disney trips for guests just like you.

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Dad's Bottom Line

The All Star Resorts offer a convenient and even reasonably affordable option when you are looking for a place to stay on your next perfect Disney World vacation.