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Disney changed Extra Magic Hours. What to Do Now?


by Steph

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“Your thoughts…we have a reservation for Chef Mickey’s at 7:15 AM with plans to go to Magic Kingdom afterwords. The reservation was made when MK was to open at 9 so we had plenty of time to get there for rope drop. Well now, with GE opening, the Extra Magic Hours (EMH) have the park opening at 7, so no rope drop.


So my question is, what do you think crowds will be like closer to 8:30? Will we get any extra benefit of extra hours? Is Chef Mickey’s worth it? Kids first visit but also have Tusker House scheduled. We only have one day to do MK. Vacation dates are Sept 28-Oct 1.”

Sometimes Stuff Happens…


Hi Steph,


One of the chapters in my book, Dad’s Simple Fun Magic Guide to Walt Disney World Planning is called Stuff Happens. It talks about what to do when things go wrong.


By the way the book is available on Amazon (BUY NOW).


This is one of those Stuff Happens moments. Sometimes you make a great PLAN and things change. You made a great plan and things changed.


Now what do you do?

Dump Mickey?


The big question is do you dump the Mickey date and keep the Donald date?


I think so. I would cancel the Chef Mickey’s reservation and hit the Magic Kingdom early in the morning. Chef Mickey’s is a good fun character meal, but you’ll see Mickey over at Tusker House. Unless you just want to see Goofy, I’d dump the mouse and go with the duck.

Precious Touring Time


Extra Magic Hours is precious touring time when the parks are busy. The parks will probably be pretty busy during your visit. (That’s why Disney added the extra, Extra Magic Hours.) Arriving at 8:30 for EMH doesn’t give you much time to do anything before the park opens. You’ll get an hour or so of good touring before the crowds start to stream in, but if you start at 7… Just saying…


Dad’s Bottom Line


Since you have a short trip, during a busy time, I’d go ahead and cancel the Chef Mickey’s reservation and enjoy the Extra Magic Hours.


You made a Good Plan, but Stuff Happened. Time to adjust and enjoy.


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