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Disney changed the hours during my trip. What do I do now?

by Cheryl

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“I had my trip all planned and ADRs made, then Disney added Evening Extra Magic Hours to the Magic Kingdom at night. Now I’m sure it will be busier but it’s too late to change our dining and move dates around. The Extra Magic Hours are 10:00 to midnight. Any idea, any advice, how to best deal with this change?”

The evening fireworks crowd at the Magic Kingdom

After the fireworks these people all go home – Photo by Judd Helms

Cheryl, let’s talk. This is not a problem. I know your freaking out because it’s really going to impact your trip. The crowds are going to be so much bigger in the evenings. People are going to be streaming into the park.

It’s going to be OK, because that’s not how it works.

Evening Extra Magic Hours don’t really bring that big a crowds to the parks, they really don’t. Unlike Morning Extra Magic Hours, the park will be a busier on Morning Magic Hours days, it’s not the case during Evening Magic Hours.

The vast majority of guests don’t choose a park based on evening Extra Magic Hours. A few hearty (read younger) souls will come over just for EMH, but the crowd levels in that park won’t increase significantly.

I know Disney added a bunch of Evening Extra Magic Hours lately, but it’s just not something to worry about. What it means is the parks are going to be a little busier overall than Disney expected so they’re adding some Extra Magic Hours, but it’s not something that will draw a lot of extra crowd.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

So the bottom line is relax, it’s going to be okay. You’re going to have a great time and the crowds are not going to be that much bigger because of the Evening Extra Magic Hours, in the Magic Kingdom.

Trust me.


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