Disney Christmas Lights Without Crowds

Disney Christmas Lights Without Crowds

by Teresa
(Wichita, Kansas)

Want to go to Disney when the Christmas Lights are up and on. What would be the least busiest time in Nov. or Dec. that we could enjoy the lights?

Dad's it's too early to know for sure, but, Answer


The best time to see Disney Christmas lights without crowds is anytime before or the week after Thanksgiving week.

Last year Disney had most of the Christmas lights up by the 11th of November. That made 2 weeks before Thanksgiving week to see the lights. (Disney hasn't published when Christmas will start this year, yet.)

The best time used to be the first full week in December, but that has changed. That week is pretty busy now. The second week of December is a good alternative.

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Dad just loves Christmas at Disney World.

Christmas soldier at the Magic Kingdom
Christmas Soldier from the Magic Kingdom - Photo by Jeff_B

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