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Disney Cruise for a couple?


by Taylor


Hi Dad-
After reading everything you’ve been saying for the upcoming Disney Cruise vacation I can’t help but think how wonderful it would be. Here’s my only problem though. Would it be a Disney Cruise be a suitable vacation for young couple in their 20’s to take?


Enjoying all of your posts!



Fireworks on the Disney Fantasy

Fireworks are for adults Photo by stuckincustoms

Dad’s a bit nervous myself Answer




Like you, I’m a bit uneasy about a Disney Cruise for a couple. Mrs. Mom and I will be sailing away on a ship full of families. Will we feel out of place? Will the kids get on our nerves? What are we going to do? I think about these questions all the time.


But then …


The more I read about the Disney Dream (and all the cruise ships of the Disney Cruise Line) the more I see that there is a lot of “adult” activities. There is an adults only area that includes a pool. There are several clubs and watering holes that are adult only. There are even adult dining areas.


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Yes, there will be a lot of children on the ship, but more and more that’s true of a lot of cruise lines. The good thing about a Disney Cruise is there is the kids are kept very busy. They don’t spend a lot of time wandering around. Most children want to stay in the children’s areas which leaves a lot of the ship for couples and parents.


Believe it or not, a Disney Cruise is a popular honeymoon trip. Most departures have several honeymoon couples. Also, since lots of people have children early, there will probably be a lot of couples on your Disney Cruise that are roughly your age.


Disney has done a fabulous job of making the whole Disney Cruise experience fun for all ages. Though it’s designed for children, it’s also sophisticated enough for adults. (At least that’s what I’m telling Mrs. Mom.) The Disney Cruise has one of the best satisfaction rates of any cruise line. That doesn’t happen unless the trip appeals to the whole family.

Dad’s Bottom Line


Taylor, I’ll be making some reports about our cruise so if you can wait until after October, I’ll let you know about a Disney Cruise for a couple. If you go before October, be sure to come back and let me know what it’s like. Thanks.


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