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Disney Cruise Friday – Mrs. Mom does some research

On Mother’s Day this week, I talked about Mrs. Mom and her Pearls of Wisdom when it comes to the Palooza. Earlier this week, as we were doing our almost daily evening walk (our Healthy Habits walk), Mrs. Mom started bombarding me with tons of information about “Embarkation” day on the Disney Dream. Wow. It all came pouring out …

The AquaDuck and pool area of the Disney Dream cruse ship

This is just cool - Photo by insidethemagic

The first thing she asked was “what time do you think will we board the ship?” Innocent enough. Then in about the next 10 seconds I got bombarded with …

Did you know that there are special tours of the ship between 1 and 2 pm? Or, that the Flo’s Cafe area is open all afternoon? And Cabanas is open until around 3 along with the Sail Away buffet? That a lot of people pack swimsuits in carry ons and swim and ride the AquaDuck before the ship sails? Are we planning to watch the party from deck 12 or deck 13? Do we really have to wait until we board to reserve Palo or Remy? (Remember, dear, we aren’t planning to eat at Palo or Remy.) Will we really have to wait until we read the Personal Navigator to know which restaurants we are scheduled to eat at each night? They actually take roll at the Life Boat Drill … on and on it went.

Whoa horse (another anachronistic statement from Dad). Slow down a bit, Mrs. Mom. Let’s see if I can answer some of your questions.

Cool, Really, Good, Fun, It’s 11 or 12 but I think 12, Think so but who cares, Dunno but maybe, No.

Yep, in person, Dad’s a real conversationalist.

This is really cool. Mrs. Mom is more excited about the Palooza than Dad is.

So where did Mrs. Mom come up all this information? I asked her today and she told me she found it on the internet. That’s cool, but the internet’s a big place. Can you be a bit more specific? So, she took me to her computer and we looked at her history file and found the site she was looking at. It’s a pretty cool review of the first day of a Disney Cruise. Check it out here.

No, I didn’t bite her head off (I did scold her a bit) for looking at another WDW site. (Yes, I’m the jealous type and it hurt just a little.) Since I haven’t written much about Sail Away Day, I guess it’s OK. But you just wait. When I get back from our Palooza Cruise, we’ll make sure Mrs. Mom doesn’t have to go to any other sites to find information. You can be sure of that.

OK, enough rambling for one day. Mrs. Mom is something special. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

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