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Disney Deluxe Dining Plan Credit Usage

by James Potter
(Oriental, NC)

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“Concerning Disney Dining; If both my wife and I get the Deluxe Dining Plan, do we both have to use them in the restaurants or can we order one meal and share? Therefore using less credits and saving them for two credit restaurants at dinner. We do not eat much at lunch and looking at the menus for some of the places we want to eat most food would be wasted. Also are our credits combined? Can one of us pay for both?”

Use Them Anytime


The Disney Dining Plan is set up to where you can use the credits at any time. If you wanted to use all of your credits the first day (don’t know if that’s actually possible) you could. The credits are yours to use at any time.

You can share meals if you want, except at buffet restaurants.

Combined Credits

Your credits for everyone on the same reservation will be combined together. It doesn’t matter which ticket/MagicBand is scanned so either one of you will be able to pay.

Do the Math

Before you purchase the Deluxe Plan, be sure to do the math. I know it sounds good to prepay for your meals, but please, take a few minutes and do the math. Most people lose money using the Disney Dining Plan.

All you have to do is price out each meal you plan to eat and compare it to what the Dining Plan costs. I even have a nice spreadsheet that will help.

Dad’s Dad’s Disney Dining Plan Calculator page

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

James, I think you might do better paying for all your meals instead of using the Deluxe Dining Plan, but that’s up to you. You can use credits at any time and share meals if you like.


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