Disney Dining Plan Payment

Disney Dining Plan Payment

by Lara Jones
(Flint, MI)

My husband and I are having a little bet and I was wondering if you could help me find out the answer. When we use our Dining Plan after a table service meal can we use a different method of payment to tip or do we have to use our Key to the World (and the credit card attached to it) to tip? Thanks!

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Dad's I know this one Answer


I'm sure some people out there are asking, "do you mean if I'm on a Disney Dining Plan do I still have to make a payment? Even if it's Free?" Yep, even if you are Free Dining, you will get a bill at the end of your meal. Let me explain ...

The Dining Plan covers the price of your meal, but it doesn't include your tip. So when your meal is over even if you're using the Disney Dining Plan for payment you will get a bill so you will know how much to tip.

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So, your question is, what form of payment can you use to pay for the tip? And the answer is ...

Cash, credit card, Key to the World, travelers checks or just about any other form of legal tender. The Key to the World is a convenient way to not have to take any of the other forms of payment to the parks, but it's not required for payment for anything. Information about the Key to the World card.

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Dad's Bottom Line

Lara, the bottom line is, you can pay for your tip at a table service restaurant with any form of tender. Disney will be glad to take your money.

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Oct 09, 2011
Yes, I'm wrong.
by: Dad

Oops, it doesn't happen often, but Dad was wrong. (Boy that was hard to write.)

The tip is all that is not included on your final bill. Taxes are included.

Oct 09, 2011
by: Paul

I 've been lucky enough to have participated in Free Dining twice. However...I never got a bill for taxes...? I did of course have to pay for the tip out of my own pocket, but never for taxes. Is this new?

Oct 09, 2011
Dining plan payment
by: Joyce

The tax has always been included on our dining plan, but the tips are not.

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