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Disney Dining Plan Questions


by Kathleen – Camilla
(Macomb, MI, USA – Brazil)


Dad got 2 Disney Dining Plan questions this week and thought he’d just combine the two to save a bit of time.


Pizza on the Disney Dining Plan

Pizza and Questions Photo by travelhyper

Question 1

First from Kathleen in Macomb asked –


We have the quick service dining plan. We can use it at several locations that offer a large pizza. Can we get the large pizza for just one quick service credit??

Dad’s quick service pizza Answer




The quick answer is no, you can’t get a large pizza on the Quick Service Dining Plan. It would make sense for a family to be able to combine credits and get a larger pizza, but that’s not possible.

Question 2


Then Camilla from Brazil –


The Dining Plan Brochure does not include some resorts (such as coronado), but online reservation page says Maya Grill in on Dining Plan. How do I proceed? still book it to use TS, or believe the brochure?


Same happens with Via Napoli, not on the brochure, but accepts reservations attached to DDP. thanks! 🙂

Dad’s brochure not up to date Answer




Disney put out the Dining Plan brochures just after summer last year when they announced the new prices and rules for the 2012 Dining Plan. At that time some of the restaurants hadn’t completed the agreement with Disney to participate in the Dining Plan.


This happens just about every year. Disney announces the new Dining Plan information and everyone howls because their favorite restaurant isn’t on it. If you can to to the Disney World web site and book a table and it lets you put in that you will be using the Dining Plan, then everything is good.


Disney could make this a lot easier by updating their brochures at the beginning of each year after all the restaurants have signed their contracts, but they don’t.


Dad’s new Disney Dining Plan page


I’d suggest you book your trip with Destinations to Travel. They can answer your questions about the Disney Dining Plan and can help you design plan your trip.


  • Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line


Ladies, thanks for the questions about the Disney Dining Plan. It is a bit confusing and Disney keeps changing the rules. (Dad’s still not a big fan of the Dining Plan.)


inside the Sci Fi Dine In



the fire pit at 'Ohana



the disney world website for ADRs

advanced dining reservations


Disney Dining Plan

dining plan


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