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Disney Gay Days – Information for Families


Every June, Disney Gay Days happens at Walt Disney World.


It’s really a shame that every year, hundreds of families innocently plan trips to Walt Disney World without knowing about Gay Days. Over 30 years ago, a group started gathering at Disney World every first week in June. Through the years it’s grown into a huge event. Over 100,000 people have been known to attend.


Disney never publicizes this event. It’s not an official Disney activity. Disney doesn’t sanction it. Disney also doesn’t mention it in any of it’s materials, websites or commercials. You would have to be looking for it. A lot of travel agents don’t even mention it when you book a vacation.


I get messages all the time from people who are frantic because they didn’t know about the event.

Family Information

Being a Dad, I know that this concerns a lot of families planning Disney World trips in the summer. Dad’s ask Dad page has had several questions asking if vacations should be rescheduled or canceled.


So, here is Dad’s Guide to dealing with Gay Days at Disney World.

When is Gay Days

For most of it’s life Gay Days was always the first weekend of June. That is changing in 2019. In 2019 Gay Days will be August 13 through 19.


There are some festivities around Orlando usually starting on Tuesday. The first activity at Disney World is usually on Thursday at Animal Kingdom. Friday is Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Saturday is the Magic Kingdom and Sunday is EPCOT.

More information

The “official” hotel changes from year to year. It’s definately a place to avoid. There are lots of special parties and events scheduled for that hotel. This is not a family friendly area during these festivities.


Families who are not interested in Gay Days should also avoid the park where the festivities are scheduled (see above). The park hosting Disney Gay Days will always be the busiest park.


There have been numerous reports that a few of the attendees engage in behavior that’s not very Disneylike. To the point that one of the founders of Gay Days says they’ll never attend again.

Dad’s Bottom Line

You have to make your own decision about when to take your vacation. If the idea makes you uncomfortable, then choose a different time to visit Walt Disney World.

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