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Disney Hotels Week – Moderate Resorts

Dad is not enamored with the Disney Moderate Resorts. There, I said it. Thought I better get that out of the way right up front. No, there’s nothing really wrong with these hotels, I just think, in my not so humble opinion that you have better options.

The Disney Moderate Resorts are a fine place to stay?

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But Dad, I thought the first Disney Hotel you ever booked was the Caribbean Beach Resort, isn’t that true?

Yes it is, but I’ve never talked about that here, is Mrs. Mom telling on me again? Yes, we booked the Caribbean Beach Resort for our first family trip to Disney World but we didn’t end up staying there. We ended up in the Polynesian Resort and we were thrilled. We did stay in the Caribbean Beach Resort several years later and that is probably what has clouded my opinion. (It rained for 3 straight days.)

There are 3 (or 4 or even 5 depending on how you count) Moderate Resorts

Let’s talk about the pros and cons for these hotels.


  • Beautiful Hotels – each of the hotels (and even the campgrounds) are beautiful.
  • Cost – compared to the Deluxe Resorts these hotels are cheaper and the campgrounds have some really cheap prices if you’re willing to sleep in a tent (that you bring along).
  • Beds – the moderate resorts are all being refurbished with queen beds which minimizes one of Dad’s main arguments against them.
  • Food courts and full service restaurants – having the choice of eating at a full service restaurant or a food court (Dad prefers food courts) is only found in the moderate resorts. It’s a good option.


  • Transportation – these resorts are huge. It is over a mile from the main building to some of the outer buildings at Coronado Springs. Transportation is a problem at all the moderate resorts. There are multiple bus stops at each hotel. It can take 30 minutes just to get out of the parking lot.
  • Price – prices for Disney Hotels are getting to be a bit ridiculous and the moderates are the worst of the bunch. These hotels start at over $160 per night for a hotel with doors that open to the outside (not to a hall).
  • Location – these resorts aren’t close to anything. You have to have some form of transportation (Dad recommends a car at Disney World) to get to the parks, water parks or anywhere else.

The Disney Moderate Resorts are beautiful hotels that are overpriced. Dad prefers the Value Resorts (2 rooms) for most families over one moderate. It ends up to be about the same price and you get almost twice the room (and 2 bathrooms).

Dad’s Bottom Line

The cons outweigh the pros in Dad’s mind. Yes, the hotels are nice and don’t get me wrong if you love one of these hotels, good for you. Thousands of people each year love these hotels. They just aren’t Dad’s cup of tea.

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  1. At our visit this past December, my husband, sister and brother-in-law stayed at Port Orleans French Quarter for two nights and Caribbean Beach for two nights. Both were beautiful, great staff etc. I really appreciated the easy accessibility of the French Quarter. We were in building 3 and close to the restaurant, pool, store etc. At the Caribbean, we were in the Jamaica buildings. It was a hike to the restaurant and far from the main buildings. French Quarter comes in first for us for the moderate resorts.

  2. Hey Dad, I’m a big fan of the site & a Disney enthusiast. My family has stayed at Deluxe and Moderate resorts and are suitably impressed with both. Our first resort stay was at a Deluxe as part of a Disney Cruise Line Land & Sea package. We loved the resort so much we went back to Walt Disney World the next year and stayed at different Deluxe resort (if money were no object we would have booked another Land & Sea package – you’re going to love your cruise). The next year we went to Disneyland then last year we went back to WDW at a Moderate resort.

    If you can afford them, Deluxe resorts are definitely the way to go. We haven’t stayed at a Value resort so we really cannot comment on them, but we chose booking at a Moderate over a Value resort based on comments we heard about the Value resorts, namely that the rooms are too small (your solution to this problem is ingenious – provided you have the budget), the resorts are crowded (especially the food courts) and we were told the transportation system could be a bit spotty at these resorts (crowded buses, longer waits – for us this is the biggest con). We would only recommend a car at Disney if you plan to venture off Disney property. Frankly the transportation system is one of the perks we enjoy most when staying on Disney property.

    The transportation is reliable, the staff is friendly (some are even great tour guides with plenty of Disney tips and tidbits – the staff at WDW really add to the magic), and you avoid all the hassles of parking and getting to and from the lots. We found the transportation at the Moderate resorts to be quite good – almost on par with the Deluxe resorts (not quite due to multiple transportation options being available at the Deluxe resorts we visited). If you skip the rental car you could either upgrade your accommodations or opt for a Dining Plan (the meals at WDW are something to experience). As you know the Dining Plan is not for everyone, but for those who like character dining it’s a great option and if you have a dining plan there really is no need to leave Disney property. One of the great things about Disney is that they provide so many options you’re bound to find something that works for you and your family – it’s tough to go wrong.

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