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Disney iPhone Apps - Wait Times

Everything you need to know about Disney iPhone Apps. Yes, I know, not everyone has an iPhone, but smartphones are all the rages these days so here is what you need to know about the 2 major Disney World wait time applications for your phones.

Lines from

Lines from Disney World iPhone app
Lines -

Lines from

The Lines app from is free. Yes, free. Free to all subscribers. If you are a subscriber, you can download this Disney iPhone app for free, but it will only work if you have a subscription to Yes, you should have a subscription even if you don't have a phone.

This is the first and best (in Dad's opinion) line app for Disney World. It works on all the major phone systems, the iPad and even on your computer. It's great for sitting around all day and seeing just how long (or short) the lines are at Disney World including the single rider lines and it even has FASTPASS return times. There is a corresponding app for Disneyland too.

Just recently Lines added all of the park touring plans to the Lines app. That means, you can pull up your park plan on your phone and see what to do next. It's a great resource.

The app if free but requires a $10.95 subscription to the site.

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Undercover Tourist App

Undercover Tourist Disney iPhone app
Undercover Tourist iPhone app

Undercover Tourist App

I do have to say that the Undercover Tourist application is pretty. Undercover Tourist has both a free version (which has ads) and a paid version of their wait time application. They are the same except the free version has ads that roll across the top of the screen.

The UT app just went through a big upgrade. They added restaurant information including menus to the information you can get. (Several users reported this upgrade crashed their phones.)

This app is fill with some great extras like park maps which show the wait times right on the rides. It also comes with a Locate Me and a Find a Friend feature. Probably the most useful feature is the "where did I park" feature.

The full version without ads costs $3.99.

Get your Undercover Tourist Disney iPhone app

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Dad's Bottom Line

Both apps work well. The line times are comparable. The color on the Undercover Tourist app is really cool. It looks great on your smartphone, but it does seem to slow the phone down some and the ads on the free version are a bit annoying.

I'm a bit biased, but I preferred the Lines app.

Hey, download them both and check them out for yourselves. Just be sure to let Dad know which you like best.

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