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Disney Magical Express one way


by Zac Moldhot
(Vancouver Canada )


Hi, I will be going to Disney World in August and I’m flying in from Canada and I’m planning on using the Disney Magical Express. But here’s the thing, I will be spending 5 nights at Disney and then 5 nights at Universal Studios. Can I just order the with just the trip to the hotel and pay for my own taxi back to the airport?


Disney Magical Express bus

One way trip on Disney Magical Express Photo by Express Monorail

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Yes, you can make reservations for a one way trip on Disney Magical Express. When you make your reservations it asks if you want it for when you check in to your hotel or when you check out of your hotel. Just choose the check in.

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My big question is why on earth are you planning 5 days at Disney World and 5 days at Universal? There is at least twice as much to do at Disney World than at Universal. Uncle Walt’s not going to like this one bit. (Just kidding.)

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Zac, it’s not problem to go one way. Even if you had a round trip booked, it’s free and if you don’t show up, no one would do anything. (Yes, as a good person you should cancel your return.)


5 days at Universal? What on earth are you going to do with the last 3?


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by: Susan We have reserved our spots on the DME from Orlando Airport to All Star Sports Resort. We have since decided to rent a car from the airport for our whole time there. We are going to St. Petes after 5 days at Disney. Do I need to contact the DME to cancel our reservations or just leave it the way it is?

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Common courtesy says to cancel them. I would.

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