Disney Mickey Mom’s panel

by Angie
(Granite Falls, NC)

Hi again Dad! I was just on the Disney Mom’s panel website and saw that they are about to start accepting applications again (September I think). Just wanted to make sure you were aware since you are my favorite “Mom!”

I’ll join the Disney Mickey Mom’s Panel if I can stay here

Dad will join the Mickey Mom's Panel if he gets to stay at the Bay Lake Towers
Photo by Jeff_B.

Dad’s I don’t think so Answer


Wow. Your favorite Mom. I like that.

I’m not ever going to submit myself to the crushing disappointment that comes from not making the panel. Been there, done that, and I’m still not over it.

Let me just show you what I had to go through. I was so excited … Here’s what happened the last time I tried to join the Mickey Mom’s Panel.

How could they possibly say no to me? Inquiring minds want to know. Me, the ultimate Disney Dad Mom. Who could possibly know more than me about Disney World? Huh? It never made sense to me.

This site got it’s start the first time I got a rejection from the panel. (You can read about what triggered Dad at Dad’s, Dad’s Guide to Dad page.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Angie, I got the notice a couple of days ago about the new panel and quickly trashed it. I’m just too hurt. They had their chance. I’m not getting down on my knees and begging ever again. This time they’ll have to call me. (My phone number is … )

But they do give panel members a couple of free trips to Disney World. Mmmm. Might have to reconsider.

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