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Disney Park Hopper or not?

by Lisa

Please help!! My husband and I are planning a Disney vacation December 17-22 with our 4 year old son. We know it is a busy time, and I am carefully planning out our days there. I have made our dining reservations, and what we are trying to decide is, should we get the Disney Park Hopper, or not?

I plan for us to be in the park we have reservations for that day…but then again, would it be better to have the flexibility of being able to leave the park and go to another with this being such a busy time? My husband and I did the Disney Park Hopper before, but then again with this being such a busy time do you think we should have the option of leaving and going to a different park if the one we’re in is extremely crowded? Or like I said, if we have reservations for the park we’re in, just save that money and do base tickets? Please give me your advice! Thanks!

Dad’s Dad knows Disney Park Hopper Answer


Howdy, how are things? First off, take a deep breath. It’s all going to work out.

You’ve chosen a great time to visit Disney World. Crowds will be moderate at the worst. You should have a great time.

Now to the Disney Park Hopper passes. Dad is not a real big fan of Disney’s Park Hoppers, however, we’ve never taken a vacation without one. On our last vacation, we knew the last day we were going to park hop, so we got park hoppers just so the kids (full grown kids) could go to the parks after the old fogies went to bed.

See what happend when Dad upgraded to Disney Park Hoppers.

Dad’s Bottom Line

The busier it is at Disney World, the less, yes Dad said less you need a Park Hopper. When it’s slow, you don’t stand in line so long, so you have more time to change parks. When it’s busy, the best thing to do is to, as you are correctly doing, plan your day to stay in one park.

Lisa, it’s up to you, but Dad’s advice would be to save the money. You’ll need it.

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