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Disney Resort check-in times

by mackenzie

(nashvile, tn )

We are going on our honeymoon and intend to book a package for Coronado Springs. Most Disney Resort check-in time is 3pm. I’m concerned that if we don’t show up till say 6pm, they may not hold our room? do they include a guarantee on your room?

I hope this makes sense. my mom worked at hotels in the past and said some places do not hold your room if you show up a couple hours beyond check in time. I don’t expect Disney to be like this, especially if i am paying upfront for a package, but wondered if you knew.

Dad’s don’t worry Answer


In the immortal words of Bobby McFerrin “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”.

Disney Resort check-in times are indeed, for the most part 3pm. However, as you alluded to, most Disney guests are on pre-paid packages for multiple nights. Disney is very used to guests checking in late.

I can attest to this personally. We checked in to the Pop Century one time at two in the morning. Yes, we had to wait in line. (Not too long.)

You’d probably have more problems trying to check in early. (Usually rooms aren’t ready early.) Late is fine.

Dad’s Bottom Line

Mackenzie, congratulations on your honeymoon. Don’t worry about check-in. In fact, Disney has an online check-in for the Disney Resorts.

PS. If you haven’t made your reservations yet, why not Let Dad help. Then Dad can answer all your questions.

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