Disney resort hotel or outside hotel with car rental

Disney resort hotel or outside hotel with car rental

by Dawn Strang
(Pennsauken NJ)

Staying with family at time share in Kissimmee from 2/20 to 2/27. We would like to go that first weekend by staying elsewhere for two nights on the 18th and 19th.

The more days you rent a car, the cheaper I've found it to be. Not sure if I'm wasting my time if I choose to stay in a Disney Resort for two nights and use the free transportation, versus staying off premise and driving the car to the parks for for those two days. But then there is a parking fee. It's very stressful trying to figure this out.

My Dad knows everything, but nothing about Disney, so I'm hoping THIS Dad can help me decide.

Dad's yes, I do know everything Answer


Thanks for trusting your question to the Dad who really does know everything (and is not afraid to tell everyone just how much he knows).

The obvious way to figure out which way would be better is to put it all down on paper and compare.

Tale some paper, make 3 columns. One for the Disney hotel, and one for the outside Disney hotel, and one for what the cost items.

Under the cost column write; hotel, transportation, and parking

Put $0.00 in the columns for parking and transportation for the Disney column. In the outside Disney column use Dad's handy dandy rental car tool to get rental car prices, then add $16.00 per day for the cost of parking in the parking column.

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  • It might look something like this ...

    CostsDisney Outside Disney


    Time spent commuting02 hours

    Dad priced a Value Resort at Disney World vs a fairly cheap hotel outside of Disney World (around $50.00 per night plus tax). You might find a car cheaper, this one was $45.00 per day (plus taxes and a bunch of outrageous fees). If you were going to keep the car for the full week, you'd pay around $260.00 which is quite a bit of savings per day, but not enough to make a big difference.

    The last couple of years, Disney has run some kind of special for the month of February. Last year it was buy 4 get 3 free or something similar. This would probably not help you, however along with that promotion, they had a significant savings on daily hotel rental (35% if my memory serves).

    This Dad's Bottom Line

    Unless you plan to compare the Grand Floridian to Motel 6, Disney will probably come out ahead. So, I'd book a room at Disney (with Dad) and smile all the way to the bank.

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