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Disney the Friday after Easter 2019

by Christina
(Grand Rapids, MI)

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“Specific question!

We were planning on going to Florida April 28-May 4 but the dates shifted due to availability at the condo we stay at (could not be helped).

I didn’t really worry because that makes our first day at a park Friday, April 26, which is so late in April it didn’t even occur to me to worry about crowds. But now I keep seeing about the week after Easter being extremely busy. Do you think the Friday after Easter will be horrible this year as Easter is so late?

Here in Michigan all the spring breaks are occurring the last week of March or first week of April so it seems like maybe a lot of school age kids will be done with their spring breaks by Easter (though I read some catholic schools do like Wednesday before until Wednesday after).

Anyways-what’s your take? We are going to animal kingdom and are planning to do Na’Avi first thing (skipping FOP). We have FP for Safari, Everest, and Kali Rapids. The only other things I’d really like to do are the Lion King show, the Up! show and the Tough To Be A Bug. This all seems doable even if mildly busy-yes?

Sorry so long just wanted your input.


Not a Problem


The Friday after Easter will be a nice day to be in the parks, especially this year.

The typical crowd patterns around Easter work like this. From Spring Break until Easter the crowds are heavy. On Easter Sunday crowds will be heavy. Monday they will be a little less heavy. Tuesday they will be heavy to moderate. Wednesday, they will be moderate. Thursday they will be less moderate and by Friday they will be moderate to light.

Something like that is the usual pattern. The later in the year Easter happens the lower the crowds all week. In 2019 Easter is really late so the crowds on Friday should be really nice.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

This is one of those Bobby McFerrin moments. (Don’t Worry. Be Happy.) You should have very manageable crowds the Friday after Easter, this year or any year.


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Comments for

Apr 15, 2019 Thanks!
by: Christina

Thanks so much for answering my question. I think I was over angsting. I may or may not have also looked up spring breaks for the majority of the states on the eastern half of the US 😂😂. There are some after Easter but the majority do seem to occur before. I am guessing that the late Easter just made the earlier spring breaks a lot less hectic this year by spreading out the crowds a bit. We homeschool so our only goal is to go when everyone else is in school 😆

Thanks again!

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