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Disney Visa Card and Free Dining

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I have heard that the Disney Visa Card company sometimes offers Free Dining for card holders prior to release to the public. How do you find this information.

Get a Dole Whip with Free Dining

Maybe you could get a Dole Whip – Photo by Judd Helms

Dad’s quick Answer

Since Free Dining will be announced on Monday, I thought I’d jump in and answer this one quickly.

In the past Disney Visa Card holders have been given a couple days advance notice on discounts. That hasn’t happened in a while and I don’t expect it to happen on Monday when Free Dining is announced.

But if it were to happen, there would be an announcement on the Disney Visa Card Rewards page and an email would be sent talking about the offer.

There will NOT be any advanced notice from Disney or Disney Visa. It will only be posted after the discount goes live.

For the last couple of years, Free Dining did not have a Disney Visa Card holder promotion. Last year they were supposed to but offered it to everyone at the last minute.


Destinations to Travel LLC.

Dad’s Bottom Line

Free Dining will be here on Monday. There aren’t any rumors about a Disney Visa Card promotion this year. I don’t expect one.

Be ready on Monday morning. If the past is any indication, the Disney reservation system will be overwhelmed on Monday either way. Don’t look for the announcement, just start trying to call or modify your reservation.


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Comments for

Apr 24, 2019 Update for free dining 2019
by: Tami

I know this is an old question, but since I found it searching to see if this was common occurrence I thought I’d leave a comment for someone who may be searching for info about this in subsequent years. This year free dining was offered to the public for most dates July- September if you booked by 2/10/19. Then they announced the opening of Galaxy’s Edge for 8/29/19. Now (4/24/19), Disney credit card rewards earners can get free dining August 1-21 if we book by June.

Dad Adds

Lots of discounts were announced today. See the whole list at /dad-was-right-summer-2019-discounts-are-big.html

Mar 16, 2018 Date
by: Anonymous

Hi, I can’t find the date that you posted this answer. Is this from 2018 or another year?

Dad Answers

This is from a previous year

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