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Disney Watches

Here are a few of Dad's Favorite Disney Watches. You might want to buy one or a hundred.. These are some of the most purchased Disney souviners around. Get your's today.

Classic Silver Mickey Mouse Watch for Men

Classic Silver Mickey Mouse Watch for Men

Customized Sports Watch for Women

Customized Sports Watch for Women

Citizens Men's Mickey Mouse Stainless Steel Eco Drive Watch

Citizen® Eco-Drive® Stainless Steel Mickey Mouse Watch for Men

Disney Quality

Dad only recommends authentic merchandise directly from the Disney Store (yes, the same Disney Store that used to be in the mall). Disney is known for the quality of thier items. Dad only chooses the best of the items available from the store to recommend.

If you don't see the watch you're looking for check out the Disney Store ...

468x60 Disney Store


Way back in 1933, the Ingersoll Waterbury Watch company was floundering and needed a new product. They worked out a deal with a new filmmaker named Walt Disney to put his characters on their timepeices, and the rest as we say is history.

The original Mickey watch cost $3.25. The price was quickly lowered to $2.95. Even then Uncle Walt charged a premium for his merchandise. (A pocket watch sold for $1.50.)

Walt Disney World Merchandise

If you are looking for something other than watches, Dad probably has it. Check out Dad's merchandise page for more information about Disney games, Disney World ride merchandise, park items, books, video games and more.

Dad's Walt Disney World Merchandise

Dad's Simple Fun Magic Guide to Walt Disney World Planning


Dad's Bottom Line

Everyone should have at least one Mickey Mouse Watch. Dad got one of the Disney Watches for his anniversary. It's cool. Grab your today.

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