Disney World AND Universal Studios - insight needed

Disney World AND Universal Studios - insight needed

by Kurt

Taking your advice and heading to Disney in December (2nd week) to see some Disney Christmas. We have been twice in last few years in spring and summer, but craving Mickey in a Santa hat. Since my son is 5 (6 by then), I feel it my duty to give him a day and a half in Universal to see some superheroes and Potter. My tentative plan is to fly in Friday night, spend 1 1/2 days at Universal Studios (Holiday Inn maybe) and head to Disney for Sunday thru Wednesday.

I've seen a few people post about staying whole time at Disney World and taking day trips over, but appears cheaper to stay at a local hotel and getting transportation somehow from the airport to Universal Studios and then to Disney World. Ever tried yourself? or know of any experiences one way or other????

Thanks in advance Dad

We stayed here when we went to Disney World and Universal Studos

We stayed at the Portofino Resort when we went to Disney World and Universal Studios
Photo by Jeff_B.

Dad's been there done that Answer


Yep, we've done the Disney World and Universal Studios shuffle a couple of times. Dad is not a big Universal Studios fan, but it's a nice change at times and has the best ride in Orlando (Men in Black).

I would not stay in a Disney hotel and drive to Universal Studios. No way. It's just too expensive. It also doesn't make any sense time wise. It's about a 30 minute drive from Walt Disney World to Universal Studios each way. That's an extra hour to your day. Nope, don't do it.

We always stay on site at Universal Studios. It costs more, but like Disney there are some nice perks. (The front of the line pass at Universal is way better than FASTPASS.) We've stayed at the Hard Rock and Portofino Bay. We liked the Hard Rock better.

When it comes to getting around, we've either driven or had a rental car. I'm real big on driving myself. I've never used Disney's Magical Express. I prefer to have a Car at Disney World

About the only way to get back and forth between the 2 parks if you don't have a car is a taxi. Public transportation is difficult at best. I'd actually suggest you save money on your hotel and rent a car if you have too choose.

This is one of those areas where it might help to have a Travel Agent. The Disney Vacation Planners over at Pixie and Pirate Destinations will be happy to help you set up both your Disney World and the Universal Studios portion of your trip. Just make a note at the end of the form and let them know your plans.

Dad's Pixie and Pirate Destinations page

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Dad's Bottom Line

If you want to do both Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, it's almost imperative that you have your own transportation. You could save some money and turn in your car once you got to Disney World.

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