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Disney World Cinderella Castle

Dad’s favorite Disney World Cinderella Castle story

Mrs. Mom’s Mom was always asking why we went to Walt Disney World every chance we got.

It’s hard to explain. She (and a lot of other people I’ve talked to) was always trying to equate Disney World with local theme parks like Six Flags. We could never really explain why Disney World was so much better than a local theme park.

Finally I convinced Mrs. Mom’s Mom and the rest of the family, all 15 of them, that we should take a family trip to Disney World. All the kids were finally old enough, everyone was in reasonably good health, we all got along (somewhat), the timing is perfect.

When all of the planning was done, all the arrangements made, Dad’s Plan was in place, it was finally time to go. We flew to Disney World, took a limo to the Polynesian Resort, rode the monorail to the Magic Kingdom, walked around the Christmas tree and…

Cinderella Castle from Main Street

Cinderella Castle from Main Street

Mrs. Mom’s Mom looked down Main Street toward the Disney World Cinderella Castle and did what almost all first timers to the Magic Kingdom do…

Mrs. Mom’s Mom stopped, her knees buckled, mouth gaped open, tears started running down her cheek (maybe that was my cheek), and she said, “I can’t believe we’re really here. Now I understand why you keep coming back.”

It was a memory our family will have forever.

Thank you Uncle Walt.

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