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Disney World Closure to Outside Guests During Christmas Season

by Annie
(Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

We plan to visit Disney World from December 25th to 31st and we will staying offsite. Do they really close the parks to “outsiders” during this crazy busy period? Have they done this often? I am very concerned that we will wasting our money and be very disappointed if we get there only to find out the park is closed to outsiders.

Dad’s yes they do, so … Answer


First, take a deep breath, if you just follow Obi Wan’s, oops I mean Dad’s advice you will be OK.

The week from Christmas to New Years is indeed a crazy time at Walt Disney World, and Disney does close at least the Magic Kingdom every year. But …

The only park that “closes” to new guests regularly is the Magic Kingdom. Last year it happened a couple of times during the week. It has closed every year that I can remember.

DO NOT – plan to be in the Magic Kingdom on Christmas Day. I repeat Christmas Day in the Magic Kingdom is not a magical day. It’s a nightmare.

I do vaguely remember that EPCOT has closed for a couple of hours during Christmas week, but none of the other parks usually close to new guests.

The earliest closure is usually 10:30 in the morning. So, if you arrive when the park is scheduled to open you will get in.

Dad’s Bottom Line

Go early. Avoid Christmas Day at the Magic Kingdom and your vacation should be fine.

Don’t you feel better now?

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