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Disney World and Coronavirus – March 2nd, 2020

I know it’s on a lot of your minds so I wanted to write about my thoughts on Disney World and Coronavirus (yes it’s all one word) as of today, March 2nd, 2020. This could all change quickly, but here is what I would recommend today.

Scream and Shout

There’s a really old saying attributed to a Herman Wouks novel that says something like,“When in danger, when in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout”.  I say it all the time. It’s very descriptive of what’s going on right now with Coronavirus.


People who have absolutely no knowledge about what’s going on are running in circles, screaming and shouting. It’s not helpful. Like the ones not buying Corona beer because it has the same name (true), or those who won’t go to the Rapunzel bathroom (think about it…). People are buying up face masks, which the Centers for Disease Control says does nothing for prevention. People are talking about shutting down Disney Parks when only (as of today) 80 something people out of 350,000,000 in the US are sick.

Panic Now

One of our “gallows humor” lines when I was an Air Traffic Controller, was “panic now, avoid the rush”. Or maybe that’s just my gallows humor, but panic is never a good thing and early, unnecessary panic is a really, really bad thing.


Now is not the time to panic. There may come a day when they have to close Disney World and/or Disneyland due to Coronavirus, but we aren’t there yet.

What I’m NOT Saying

What I’m definitely NOT saying you do is bury your head in the sand and not pay attention to it. Coronavirus something to pay some attention to.


We live in Oklahoma where tornadoes happen on a pretty regular basis. We’ve learned which ones you have to pay attention to and which ones you just keep a little bit of an eye on. Coronavirus is a keep a little eye on type of thing. (Unless you live in one of the affected areas, then it’s a eyes glued to the radar type thing.)

What TO DO about Coronavirus

Here’s what to do when it comes to the Coronavirus. Listen to what the MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS are saying. Ask YOUR doctor. Talk to medical people you trust. Look at where the virus is. Is it near you? Take precautions. Is it not near you, wash your hands regularly with soap and hot water. If you have a compromised immune system, be careful.


Here are the guidelines for the prevention and treatment of Coronavirus from the Centers for Disease Control (MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS). 


Simple, basic guidelines. No panic, just practical, common sense.

Dad’s Bottom Line about Coronavirus and Disney World

Right now, Coronavirus hasn’t been reported anywhere near Disney World. The closest cases are over in the Tampa area and both are isolated and being cared for. It’s not time for panic.


In fact, I have a trip planned to Orlando and Disney World for 10 days in April. I’m planning to go and I am one of the higher risk types with a compromised immune system. No panic here (unless Pigment shows up and starts dancing around.)


Go away Pigment!



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  1. NOTHING is stopping us arriving in MAY! I always have hand wipes and sanitizers this is how we always operate, nothing new with good hygiene for us!

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