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Disney World Crowd Calendars for 2015


What will the cowds at Walt Disney World be in 2015? Dad knows. Check out Dad's Disney World Crowd Calendars for 2015. This is gonna be good.



It's incredible how Disney World crowds can change in just a matter of days. Look at January. It goes from outrageous to calm in less than one week and then a couple of weeks later right back to outrageous.


Dad's 2015 Disney World Crowd Calendars

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Dad's January 2015 Disney World Crowd Calendar

January is one of the most interesting months to visit Walt Disney World. One of the busiest days of the year is January 1 then, after a couple of days, the crowds just vanish.


The WDW Marathon will draw some really crazy people to bump up the crowds the first weekend of the month and the Martin Luther King Weekend will bring in a few extra visitors on the weekend and Monday.

All in all, January is a great time to visit Disney World.

January Disney World Crowds


February 2015 Disney World Crowd Calendars
February crowds are like most months. There's a time of peace and a time of war or at least crazy crowds. The first 2 weeks in February are nice and peaceful. Then ...


President's Day week brings in a crush of humanity. This is one of the busiest weeks of the year. It's hard to believe how busy this week has become.


Then the Princesses show up to run and everything quiets down again.

February Disney World Crowds



Dad's WDW Disney World Crowd Calendar in March

March is a really interesting month. The first week is nice and calm then Spring Break crowds arrive and wow does it get busy.


March also brings baseball and flowers to Disney World. Spring Training starts for the Atlanta Braves at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex and the International Flower and Garden Festival comes to Epcot.


Interesting month.

March Disney World Crowds


April Disney World Crowd Calendars for 2015

April is a little different in 2014. Usually April is March turned upside down. Busy the first couple of weeks then quiet the last couple.


The weekends can be pretty busy with the Flower and Garden Festival and locals coming out to enjoy Spring at WDW.


The Flower and Garden Festival continues and oh, and the weather is just about perfect.

April Disney World Crowds


The May 2015 Disney World Crowd Calendar

May is a great month for a trip to Walt Disney World. The first half of the month there are light crowds, the Flower and Garden Festival and great weather.


Crowds pick up a bit the last part of the month as Star Wars Weekends begin.

For the most part May is a great time to visit Walt Disney World.

May Disney World Crowds


Dad's June 2015 Disney World Crowd Calendar

"Summer time, summer time, sum, sum, summertime"


Summer is here. Temperatures warm up and crowds get bigger. Don't you just love Walt Disney World in the summer?


The first couple of weeks in June are a great time to for a visit to Disney World. In fact, the 2nd week of June is one of Dad's to 5 weeks to visit Disney World.


As the days heat up the crowds get bigger. Yep, it's summertime.

June Disney World Crowds

The Best Time To Visit WDW

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It's almost like being there.

WDW Magazine


July 2015 Disney World Crowd Calendars by Dad
July in Orlando is "Hot, Hot, Hot". Just look at that calendar. How hot is that?


July starts off with a celebration of America's Independence. The 4th of July may bring more people to Walt Disney World than any other day. The fireworks shows are magnificent.


Disney does know how to handle big crowds. There will be special events all month like the Sounds Like Summer concerts in Epcot. How "cool" is that?

July Disney World Crowds


Dad's Disney World Crowd Calendar for August 2015

August is one of the hottest months of the year. The crowds start out hot and then they just disappear.




The first couple of weeks of August are pretty busy, then, like magic, everyone goes home and the parks are almost empty for the next 6 weeks or so. Yep, you heard me right ... crowds go away.


What an amazing time to visit Disney World, if you like heat.

August Disney World Crowds


The September 2015 Disney World crowd calendar
From the heat of the summer to the cool of September. No, the temperatures in September aren't all that much cooler, but just look at that calendar. Boy the crowds are.


September may be the month of the smallest crowds at Disney World. Yes, the smallest. It's an amazing time to take a trip to visit Uncle Walt's playground.


All that and the Food and Wine Festival kicks off.


There is just nothing else to say but let's go.

September Disney World Crowds


Dad's 2015 October Disney World Crowd Calendar

October is "cooler" than September, but not quite as quiet crowd wise. For the most part crowds are small, but there is a bit of a influx the first couple of weeks. Not nearly as overwhelming as summer, but it's still kinda busy.


Of course, there's the spooky but fun Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party that draws billions of people to the Magic Kingdom (maybe not billions, but lots) several nights per week.


Hey, October is so good Dad chose it for the Palooza. It was fun.

October Disney World Crowds


Dad's Disney World Crowd Calendar for November 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Yep, Christmas at Disney World starts in November. (Yes, it's even before Thanksgiving. I know, that's just wrong, but it's so right.) The first week of Christmas the decorations go up and the most wonderful time of the year starts.


Thanksgiving week can get busy. Lots of families come and celebrate the holiday with Mickey.


Yes, I know all about Jersey Week.

November Disney World Crowds


Disney World Crowd Calendar for December 2015
When is the best month of the year to visit Disney World? It's not even close. In Dad's humble opinion (yeah right, humble?) it's December. Hands down.


Dad just loves spending some time in December at Disney World. The Christmas decorations are amazing. This year there are 2 weeks in December that make Dad's top 5 weeks to visit Disney World.


Yeah as Christmas time approaches, crowds get massive. Christmas Day is the busiest day of the year at Disney World and Christmas week is also the craziest.


Avoid Christmas Week but December is a wonderful time to visit.

December Disney World Crowds

Color Legend

The Color Legend for Dad's Crowd Calendars

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Dad's Bottom Line

Disney World crowds are fairly easy to predict for most of the year. If school is in session crowds will be light. If school is out crowds will be big. It's almost that easy.