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Disney World Crowd Rant

Dad hasn’t gone on a rant for a while, but today I got a very nice question from a very nice, concerned person about Jersey Week at Disney World and it set me off. I’m going around the house yelling at the dog (he’s the only one here), breaking dishes (not really Mrs. Mom, I didn’t break anything) tearing my garments and sitting in sack cloth and ashes … (anyone have any sack cloth?)

Then the idea came to me. I should come here and share my heartfelt feelings with you.

Before I really get into my rant, let me say to the very nice person, who didn’t leave their name, that this is not directed at you, but at the (insert appropriate insult here) people that think they know something about crowds at Disney World. Thank you again nice person for your great question.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way …

Let me state one not so obvious fact before we get started – Disney World crowds are a good thing.

Yes, Disney World crowds are a good thing. Without Disney World crowds, there wouldn’t be any Disney World. What do you think keeps Disney in business? The World Cup Soccer? Not in this decade. Sorry, couldn’t resist. Disney World needs crowds to keep the doors open.

But Dad, I thought you were all about avoiding Disney World Crowds.

Thank you for noticing. Yes, Dad is all about avoiding Disney World crowds. That’s because there are crowds at Disney World to be avoided. (Notice Dad doesn’t have a website about avoiding Universal Studios crowds. Might have to change that if the Harry Potter thing doesn’t die down in a year or two.) So Dad want to help you avoid them.

The problem Dad is having today is there are some people out there that are “so called Disney World experts” who make claims that are patently false. You, the unsuspecting readers of this tripe, see this somewhere and panic. It’s a natural reaction. I used to do the same thing. In fact, that’s the main reason I started this project.

How do you know that Dad isn’t one of these “so called experts”? You don’t. You’ll just have to read what Dad writes and figure it out for yourselves.

It’s like the panic that ensued when someone said the June 6 is the most important day in the year for Disney World lovers, because June 6 is 180 days prior to the best week to go to Disney World (the first week in December). Dad blew that one out of the water. (See Dad’s page on the most important day on a Disney World calendar.)

OK, over 400 words, it’s about time for Dad to wind this up.

Dad’s November Disney World Crowds calendar page

Dad’s Bottom Line

When you read something that scares you about your Disney World trip, first, do a little research starting on Dad’s site. If you use the search thingy on all of Dad’s pages, you can see what Dad has written about it. If Dad hasn’t written anything about it, do what the nice person did today, send Dad a question so he can go on another rant.

Yep, Disney World crowds are a good thing.

Whew. Gotta go shower and get the ashes off.

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  1. Dear “Dad”,

    After a lot of planning, I´ve booked a trip between Nov 1-9. Just me and my oldest son, for his birthday (my wife and daughter will stay home).

    The minute after I finally booked, I started hearing about something I´ve never heard about: Jersey week. People saying you should avoid at all costs.

    I´ve seen your crowd calendar, and Jersey week was not reflected there. Is Dad mistaken? Doesn´t he know of Jersey week?, I wondered (shame on me, Mr. Dad, shame on me). It´s not that I want to avoid crowds at any cost, but I really wouldn´t like a New Year´s crowd with a 5 year old.

    Then I got to see this post of yours. And it was really comforting.

    Your site is the best, and I entirely rely on it. Just wanted to share this with you and thank you for being out there.

    1. Post

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