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Disney World Crowds and Spaceship Earth

The attraction that is most impacted by Disney World crowds is Spaceship Earth. Why? It’s because of one word. Location, Location, Location.

Dad’s Spaceship Earth PageThe Spaceship Earth Experience

Spaceship Earth is a mediocre ride in a location that draws huge crowds.

A lot of first time Disney World guests suffer a shock when they arrive at one of the theme parks. Why? Because most of them don’t have a plan. Here’s a look at what normally happens to first timers without a plan when they visit EPCOT.

The family arrives at EPCOT at 10ish and stands in line to get in to the park. The family steps into the park, Mom grabs a map off the rack and they try to decide which ride they want to start with. One kid says Mission Space, one kid says Soarin’ and they argue as the walk toward the big ball thingy.

Dad notices that the big ball thingy is a ride and stops the family and they all hop in line. They stand in line for an hour or so before they reach the ride. While they wait, the Mom humbly asks, what’s this FastPass thing?

When they finish the ride, the little man-child wants to play the games, but Dad says they have to move on. So, they head over to Test Track and stand in line for 90 minutes waiting to ride. Mom asks again about the FastPass thing. Why are all those people passing us in line? She wisely asks.

At the end of an exhausting day the family argues about wonder why they spent a whole day in EPCOT and only rode 5 rides. No wonder they hate to go to theme parks.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Just be sure you have a plan.

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