Disney World crowds and weather..

Disney World crowds and weather..

by marjorie
(montreal, canada)

Hi! I just loove your website!! I checked out your crowd n weather pages and here are my questions: I went to Disney in late July and even though it was pretty crowded, we went into the attractions pretty fast, if I want to go in October, is it the same kind of crowd cause of Halloween? Also is it more expensive? You mention the hurricane season for September to November but when I look at your rain charts, it seems there is much more rain in July-August than in the hurricane seasons....I'm not sure I get it haha. thanks!!

Dad's here's the scoop Answer


Thanks for the questions. I've got some great answers for you.

is it the same kind of crowd because of Halloween?
Good news, the crowds at Disney World in October are much smaller than the crowds in July. Much, much smaller.

Dad's October Crowds at Disney World page

Also, is it more expensive?
More good news, the price may be the same for hotels, (it shouldn't be, it should be cheaper) but you will get something free like dining or tickets. My best guess, not knowing what you paid for you July trip, is that you will get cheaper prices and something for free.

Summer rain vs. hurricane season
Even more good news ... In the last 20 years only a few (2 or 3) hurricanes have made it to the Orlando area. So even though it's hurricane season, the chances of you experiencing problems due to a hurricane are very small.

The Best of WDW - Volume 2


June through August is the height of the rainy season in Orlando. It rains almost every afternoon. September transitions to the "dry" season. (Dry meaning it doesn't necessarily rain every day, just a couple of times a week.)

Hope that explains it.

Thanks for the nice words, come back soon.

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