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Disney World Dining


A Walt Disney World Dining experience is just that, an experience. All of the restaurants are unique and something special. This page is all about making reservations, and all the information you'll need to create a magical dining experience for your next trip.



Walt Disney World has some wonderful places to eat. They have great themes and some even have some really good food. Let's look at all you need to know about dining at Disney World. Come on ...

Sci Fi Dine In

Inside the Sci Fi Dine InPhoto by Disney Photo Snapper


THe fire pit at 'Ohana

Disney World Dining is all about the restaurants that are everywhere. Each one is special. Some are whimsical, some are elegant and some are just incredible. You can dine with the fishies or watch scar movies. There is something for everyone.


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Disney World Restaurants page

Advanced Dining Reservations

If you want to eat at one of the wonderful Disney World Table Service Restaurants, you'll probably need an Advanced Dining Reservation. Want some more information? Here you go ...

Dad's Advanced Dining Reservation page

Making Reservations

Dad talks about the ways to make Disney Dining Reservations including some tips for having a better chance to get what you want.

Disney Dining Reservations page

Dining Plans

Disney Hotel guest are elgible to participate in the Disney Dining Plan. (Yes, you have to be staying in a Disney Hotel). The Dining Plan will allow you to prepay your meals most of the restaurants. Disney says you can save up to 30% using the Dining Plan. Dad's not so sure. Either way, you certainly should check out the Dining Plan. Disney has been giving it away for years, and free food is always good.

Dining Plan page

The Charmings at 1900 Park Fare

Cinderella and Prince CharmingPhoto by Samantha Decker

Character Dining

Some of the most popular meals at Disney World include Character Dining. Want to eat a meal with Donald Duck? Go to the Tusker House at Animal Kingdom for breakfast and enjoy a Safari Breakfast with Donald and friends. It's just one of the great character meals Disney offers.

Dad's Disney World Character Dining page

Signature Dining

A few years ago, Disney started what they call Signature Dining. These Disney World Dining experiences are at some of the top of the line restaurants anywhere. There are Signature Dining restaurants located in the hotels, and in the theme parks.


A Signature Restaurant will have a menu that is usually tailored to fresh ingredients. It also has a dress code (usually) and outstanding service. Outstanding service means that meals tend to be slower paced and not rushed. Signature Dining Restaurants also smaller restaurants that have limited seating so Advanced Dining Reservations (ADR's) are a must.

Disney Signature Dining at Le Cellier

The dining room at Le CellierPhoto by insidethemagic

Disney World Restaurant Reviews

Want to know the whole story about the restaurants at Walt Disney World? Good idea. One place you can get reviews of the eating places is to go to TripAdvisor. They have hundreds of listings. See reviews of Disney World Restaurants at TripAdvisor. No, Dad doesn't have a review page yet. You can expect one soon.


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Dad's Bottom Line

For a quick meal this is not the worst you'll get at Disney World. Disney World pizza is OK, but nothing special.