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Disney World Discount Codes


Disney World Discount Codes can save you big bucks on your next Walt Disney World Vacation. There are a couple of different kinds of codes. Both will save you money.



Do you really need to know the current codes? Not really. In fact Dad will tell you how to get the best discount available.

Use Disney World Discount Codes for this ...

The Polynesian Resort at dusk

Photo by Jeff_B.

Pin Codes

Not a Pin like this
A Sci-Fi trading pin is not a Disney World Discount Code pin
Photo by Miss Millificent
Several times a year, Disney mails out special invitations to guests that have either stayed in a Disney Hotel before or that have registered at the Disney World website.


These invitations will contain a unique code called a pin code. These codes are vary but are usually for big discounts on vacation packages. (In 2012, pin codes were for free dining and up to 40% off of a hotel.)


Pin codes are not transferrable and can only be used by the person they were sent to. (Not even a son-in-law.) If you get an offer, it will almost always include a big discount. Lucky you!


To register for Disney World Discount Codes go to Disney's Website and Create an Account

Disney World Discount Codes and Special Offers

Or like this
The Bowling Pin at the Pop Century Resort is not a Disney World Discount Codes
Photo by darryl_mitchell
Anytime Disney puts out a special they give it a code. These are called discount codes. Every special gets it’s own code. In fact there are different codes for the same package depending on how you get the information. For example, if you get Free Dining using the Disney Visa card code it uses a different code than the Free Dining available to the general public.


In the past, to get a discount, you had to know the code Disney didn’t offer Discounts unless you knew the special code. That’s not so true any more. The Disney Website doesn’t deal with codes and the agents on the phone will be able to access specials without any codes.


Special Offerings. Disney is always coming out with Special Offerings especially during slow times of the year. Right now Disney’s most used Special Offering is Free Dining.


It might really save you a bunch of money if you know what Special Offerings Disney has available. Because, even on Disney’s main website you won’t get the Special Offering unless you know what to ask for.


If Disney is offering Free Dining and you ask Disney’s website for a quote on a package but don’t click on the box that says “Include Dining Plan”, your package quote won’t include the Free Dining Special.

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How to get a Discount without a code

Yes, you can save money on your vacation without knowing the current Walt Disney World Discount Codes. It's really easy. You just call up a Travel Agent (like Dad's friends over at Destinations to Travel) and they will show you how to save money on your trip. Or, you book your trip online or call Disney. That might save you money. (Might not.)

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Dad's Bottom Line

Discount Codes or Specials can save you hundreds of dollars. The Pin Code is the best. You may never know about the other kind but if you get savings on your vacation, you probably have one.