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“The Discounts are coming, the Discounts are coming” – Disney World Discounts Coming Soon

As some famous horse rider once said…


The Discounts are coming, the Discounts are coming!!!!


Maybe that’s not exactly what he said, but that’s what I’m saying. Walt Disney World discounts are coming and very soon.


Trust me!


Last year, Disney SHOCKED the world when they broke over a decade of tradition and rolled out discounts for the whole year in January. Not only in January, but on January 2nd! Yes, January 2nd. What a way to start the year.

What does that mean for 2020?

I fully expect the first round of discounts to start rolling out on Thursday, (January 2nd). That’s what happened this year, that’s what’s going to happen next year (2020). Just yesterday, Disney put out some discounts for Florida residents. It’s a precursor to the big roll out this week.

Free Dining?

Do I expect Free Dining to come out on Thursday? Maybe. I think Disney will release the discounts in a couple of waves. Free Dining will come first then a room-only discount will come a few days later. I think that’s smart so you spread out all the bookings. I might be wrong and they might just release it all at the same time.

Should I book now?

YES!!! YES!!!! YES!!!!!!


I recommend you book your trip today with our partners from Destinations to Travel. That way on Thursday when the discounts come out they can do all the work (they get a head start) and get your discount for you without you having to spend hours on the phone or be frustrated with all the website crashes. It happens every year. The phone and computer systems gets overwhelmed. People wait hours and then don’t get the discount.


Last year, Destinations to Travel got Free Dining for EVERY guest they had that qualified. EVERY ONE!


Here, just fill out this form and they’ll get you all set up. All you have to do is book your trip and they’ll take care of you.

Dad’s Bottom Line

Trust me, discounts are coming soon. I’m 95% sure it will be Thursday. Get all set up with Destinations to Travel and let them take the hassle of Thursday’s craziness away.

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