Disney World Discounts in 2011

Disney World Discounts in 2011

by Vickie
(St. Louis)

Hi Dad...I'm back!!!

Random question about Disney discounts. We're headed to Disney the 22nd of January and noticed that this year (2010) at that time they were offering 30-40% off resort prices. What are the chances that they will be offering these reduced prices again for the 2011 season?

Dad's why use 400 words when one would do Answer


Welcome back. Good to hear from you again. I've got to say you ask great questions. I'm looking forward to hearing about you're (or should I say our, I tend to live vicariously through the words of others when I don't get a chance to go) trip.

I just have one quick thing to say about Disney World Discounts in 2011.

And that is ... (drum roll please)

It's like this, earlier this year Bob Iger, who is a really big shot at Disney, said by the end of the year (meaning 2010) they would be phasing out discounts on Disney World vacations. (Bob Iger says Disney World discounts going away.)

Mmmm ... I haven't seen any evidence of that, have you?

Also, Disney has run discounts in January and February for as long as I can remember. I can't tell you the last time Disney didn't have some kind of major discount early in the year.

(Is that 400 words yet? Probably not, but I'll wrap it up anyway.)

Dad's Bottom Line

Again Vickie, great question.

Yes, Disney will run discounts on hotels in early 2011. You'll probably start seeing some kind of promotion starting in October or so. It will be buy 4 get 3 free or something. Then in November or so the hotel only discounts will come out.

As some baseball announcer typically says "You can take it to the baaaannnkkkk! Yes!"

Trust me, I'm never wrong. (Mrs. Mom just started laughing hysterically. What's up with that?)

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